EP. 2 – Second Trip – June 9th, 2008:

Today was a great haul, i walked out of record time with 5 cd’s, and all of them cd’s that were on the hunt-list.

“New Medicines” – Dead Poetic

I specifically remember downloading this one back in 2004 a week before it’s official release date. I listened to the burned copy i made of this cd so many times it doesn’t even work anymore. This album is easily one of my “Desert Island Top 10” maybe even Top 5… I saw it on the used rack last time i went but i didn’t have a lot of money and decided to buy the other two since i didn’t know if they’d be there next time since they were kind of rare. I went back today and went to the “D” section of the used rack right away and was disappointed when “New Medicines” was no longer on the rack. i did a little more hunting and decided to peruse the Clearance rack, after about two minutes what did i find? In the week since i had been there they had marked down new medicines from $6 to $3! What a lucky break. I was definitely excited!
Price Paid: $3

“Rival Factions” – Project 86

Downloaded the newest album from one of my favorite bands, Project 86, back when it came out but didn’t pay for it. Found it today, unopened.
Price Paid: $8

“Come Now, Sleep” – As Cities Burn

Got really into this last semester as well. I found a video of As Cities Burn’s new stuff on youtube and was blown away with the bands improvement. I wanted to borrow it from my friend Calvin Parham but he burned it for me, so it felt good to finally pay for the album.
Price Paid: $6

“Defined By Struggle” – Nodes of Ranvier

I’ve been into this heavy metal band since my friend Tim Knoop introduced them to me back in middle school. I downloaded their newest album on ruckus this past school year but hadn’t bought the hard copy yet, found it today in the “used metal” section. 🙂

I just noticed that this cd was actually the promotional copy for like stores and stuff, which means it’s a rare limited pressing!!! What luck!!

Price Paid: $4

“Sounds of a Dirty City” – Silent Violet

This one surprised me. This cd is made by Miriam and Michael McCarthy, the children of my grade school art teacher and long time family friends. I found this one today and couldn’t pass it up. It’s a very beautiful, very relaxing cd.
Price Paid: $6

I’ve found a lot of great stuff so far, but i am still on the hunt, let me know if you know of similar stores or any albums you’d sell me, look in my music section on my facebook profile to see what kind of stuff i like. Next week, after i get paid, the hunt continues!


2 responses to “EP. 2 – Second Trip – June 9th, 2008:

  1. Whoa. Where do you find albums of those caliber for that cheap? The first four I own and they’re all solid albums!

  2. I find the albums wherever i can man! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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