Ep 3 – Third Trip to Record Time – June 13th

Yesterday i made my third trip to record time. First i traded in a Michelle Williams album for $3 store credit. The owner just looked at me when i handed him the disk and said, “Christmas Gift?” I chuckled and told him that i had won it in a raffle for my senior high school all night party. He looked at me again and said, “I don’t mean to stereotype, but you just didn’t look like the type to be listening to Christian Black Gospel.” It was pretty funny.

Armed with $3 in store credit I went straight to the Used indie rack and found a few albums i had considered last time, but put back in favor of others:

“Age of Reptiles” – Showbread

I think the only reason why i passed this album up not once but twice was the mere fact that i hadn’t listened to it in a long time. It was on the hunt-list, but i just wanted the other albums more. Well, i went straight for it yesterday after deciding i should buy it before someone else does. I’m sure glad i did, after putting it in my cd player i remembered just how much i love this album. Definitely show bread’s best so far. Price Paid: ($6 – $3 store credit = $3)

“Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice” – Starflyer 59

Jason Martin writes all music for this band. He also plays guitar and sings for them (and i also believe he is guitarist for Neon Horse) I definitely had this cd downloaded a few years ago, I’ve always really liked SF59, very good music… very ethereal and vast… hard to describe the sound, definitely worth checking out. I passed up this album a couple times since it was priced a little higher than the rest of the used ones, but it was in really good condition. Price Paid: $8

That was all i was going to get, but i was there with a friend, so we browsed around for a little while longer and that’s when i noticed the listening station… you could listen to any used cd you wanted… I jumped at the chance. I went back over to the Indie rack and grabbed an old SF59 album I’d been passing up since I’d first came to record time. I grabbed it and stuck it in the cd player:

“Self-titled” (A.K.A. “Silver”) – Starflyer 59

This cd blew me away. I had only passed it up because i had never heard it, and had never even seen it before. I suck it in the player and was blown away to hear not only the floaty ethereal melodies of later SF59 albums but heavily distorted guitar reminiscent of older Pink Floyd. I was dumbstruck by the sound, this was an album that i needed in my collection. After i got home i did some more research and found out that the album was SF59’s first recording and that it had been out of print for quite awhile. They had re-released it a few years ago but the re-release included different cover art and lacked the original booklet that is full of really interesting images and is very artistic. I was happy to find out that the album i had just got was pretty rare! 🙂 Price Paid: $6

Again, a great success at record time. Next time i think i might try Hot Hits, another record store just a few miles down from Record Time on gratiot, since i may have cleaned them out of most of their good stuff for a while… i need to give them some more time to get new stuff in… so i will start exploring other record stores in the area, who knows what i will find then?!


2 responses to “Ep 3 – Third Trip to Record Time – June 13th

  1. hey music hunter nice buys! the age of reptiles is a great album and sf59 is one of my favorite bands!

  2. Thanks! Yeah the more i listen to SF59 the more i like them!

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