A little bit more about the mission…

People have been asking me lately why i would undertake such a project. For those of you who have never read my blog before, i am on a mission to purchase all the albums I illegally downloaded in the past. I thought i would go into a little more detail about just why i would make a decision like this:

1. Music is a huge part of my life.

Music is like a drug. Its very hard to describe the effect music has on me, i feel that music is so closely tied with emotion… it speaks to you on more than just a conscious level… there is anger, sadness, joy, and all of it can be so easily felt by the listener… you can listen to a piece that is completely instrumental and know exactly what emotion is being conveyed just by how the piece sounds."Underdog" - Audio Adrenaline

I remember when i when i first started getting into music. I really didn’t have a defined sound, i just liked what people around me liked… i remember the first CD i ever owned (before that i owned 1 cassette tape – Carmen – “The Champion” yikes!) The first CD i ever owned was “Underdog” by Audio Adrenaline, and it is actually an album i still listen to. 🙂 I remember exactly how i got it too… My Aunt was in this “CD Club” thing through a catalog where as long as you bought so much per month you got CDs for pretty cheap. Anyway, i was talking to her about my new CD player that my parents had just got me and i told her how i didn’t even have any CDs yet… she had just ordered Underdog and “Supernatural” by DC Talk… she said i could have one of them… i listened to a little of both and chose Audio Adrenaline. This brings me to my next point:

2. Music is closely tied to memory

or at least in my life it is… just like i have a story about the first album i ever got, there is a back story behind a lot of the albums in my collection, even the ones i stole. The sounds of these albums, the songs, the music… every time i hear them they bring me back to a specific point in my life, i feel feelings of that time, i think about people i haven’t seen in years, it’s about more than just the music. Buying these albums that I’ve been listening to for years is like buying little pieces of my life, little time capsules.

3. Downloading music is wrong.

boy did it take me a long time to come around. I starting pirating music freshman year of high school and took off like a bat out of hell… i downloaded everything i could find on the internet, i only bought a few albums here and there from my favorite artists and only if they were new releases… i hardly ever went out of my way to pay for an album… Well, without going into too much of a rant about ethics and morals and what not, i have decided its wrong. I am a Christian and i can finally say that since i started college i am trying to live my life acourding to Jesus’ teaches and to honor God with my life. Taking music that does not belong to me without paying is not honoring God plain and simple so i have decided to stop.

4. I listen to obscure bands that need every record sale they can get.

I also want to support the bands i like especially since most of the bands i like are obscure bands that are semi-well known but are in no way famous. I really love their music and i want them to keep making it, so i should support them.

So there are four-ish reasons why i am undertaking this grand project, plus hunting for the good albums is quite fun!


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