Ep. 4 1/2 – Ghoti Hook – June 17th, 2008

I made a stop by Record Time today and was in and out in two minutes. The past few times i went i saw an album on the clearance rack and i recognized the band but had never actually heard them so i passed it up. Last night i used ruckus (ruckus.com) the legal downloading software to listen to the album, after that i decided it was worth it, even though it’s not on the list…

“Retrospective” – Ghoti Hook

I had heard of this christian punk band a long time ago but never listened to them. For awhile i lost interest in punk music so i never did bother to get into them. I have spent this summer so far working at Subway where the majority of my coworkers are into punk music, so it is constantly on in the store (unless i can sneak one of my records in…) It’s kind of grown on me, so i thought i’d give Ghoti Hook a chance, i’m liking it so far… Price Paid: $2


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