Ep. 6 – A Couple Good Finds… – June 20th, 2008

I went back to “Blast in the Past” today.  I cashed a check and had some extra money and some time.  I went back to BitP because i realized that i had only looked through half of their used CDs, there was another whole rack i had completely missed.  I walked in and again, the owner was chatting away nice and loud with his other old coworker… this man really amuses me, i think he was quite the party-er back in his day because there isn’t much of him left if you get what i mean…  so again, chuckling to myself i peruse the racks, this is what i found:

“[Untitled]” – The Benjamin Gate

This album actually wasn’t on the list and before i got it today i had never heard it before.  I love “Contact”, the other album released by the Benjamin Gate so i decided this album was worth checking out.  So far i like it, very good lyrics – they aren’t cryptic, they come right out and talk about Jesus, and that’s really cool.

Price Paid: $5

“The Tick Tock Treasury”  – Joy Electric

I downloaded most of Joy Electric’s discography a few years ago and was into him for a while.  Joy Electric is an interesting project, its synth-pop music that is often reminiscent of early video game music.  (Another interesting fact is that Joy Electric is the brain-child of Ronnie Martin, brother of Jason Martin of Starflyer 59.  What amazes me is that both brother make very different music, but are both really good at what they do… anyway, i digress… )  This is either my favorite album of his, it’s between this one and “Hello Mannequin.”  Found this one today and was excited to pick it up.  Price Paid: $5

“Stereo Motion” – Stereo Motion

First heard these guys when i bought a flicker records compilation called “Flicker Rocks Harder” a few years ago.  I liked their songs so i downloaded there album.  They are comparable to the band “Jet” kind of a classic rock sound with some new influence as well.  Very solid record.  I was actually pretty surprised to find this one today.  Price Paid: $5

Again, succes… next time i will probably go back to Blast in the Past, atleast once more, but pretty sound i’m going to have to look for other record stores… i’ve found one more, but it is pretty far away, but hopefully i’ll make the trip one of these days… you never know, it might be worth it.


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