Albums I Am Eagerly Awaiting

Some of my favorite artists are busy doing what they do best, creating amazing music, right now and I am very excited for a number of upcoming releases, they include:

“Antimeridan” – Brave Saint Saturn, the third album, and most likely last album to be released by BSS.  Their website is extremely vague saying the album will be released June 2008… june is almost over and i’m going a little bit nuts!  Read more here:

The boys at Stavesacre have mentioned some new material in the works but the Stavesacre front has been quiet for awhile, if/when the new material is released it will most likely be the last new material ever made by Stavesacre.  In one sense i am excited to hear more from my favorite band, but in another i will be sad to see them go.  Read more: Check out this Video of a recent practice, (if they are practicing that means something right? Like the possiblity of a farewell tour… or atleast some shows… 🙂 )  (there is some dead time at the beginning but trust me it’s worth it!

Mewithoutyou is in the studio recording what i know will be another amazing album:

Anberlin is supposed to release an album in september also!

Alot to watch for soon!  I am very excited!


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