E.p. 8 – Rare Advance CD’s!!!! – June 25th, 2008

Today i went hunting for what will probably be the last time until i get back from a week-long trip i am going on soon (unless i decide to go hunting on the trip 😉 )  I went to one of the few record stores in my area i had yet to check out, Car City Records.  The place was nicely organized and a really great place to find Vinyl, but they really had nothing that was up my alley, i searched through a whole bunch of junk and found one album worth grabbing:

“The Alchemy Index Vols. 1 + 2: Fire & Water” – Thrice

I’ve liked Thrice for awhile.  After their last release “vheissu” i kind of lost interest in the band.  This new album (which is split into two 6 track discs) has redifined their sound and on the guidance of a friend i decided to give them another shot… i like what i’ve heard so far of “fire.”  Price Paid: $0.94 (you can see why i gave them another chance)

After the dissapointing search at Car City i decided to check out Record Time again… I had a few friends in tow and they wanted to browse…  First i went and grabbed an album that i’d been on the fence about for awhile but after doing some research i decided to grab it and the i discover the uber-clearance section… the cds nobody wants – me and my friends started looking through it as a joke but then one of my friends found an album that i was blown away by – they knew about the band through me so they pointed it out to me:

“How to Live With a Curse (Advance Copy/ Limited Pressing)” – Stavesacre

The only album by my favorite band that is not on the huntlist… why?  because i bought it the day it came out.  Today i stumbled upon the Promotional Copy and i just about had a heart attack.  It is tracked really weird with each song being split into like five tracks… it plays normal in the car but if itunes was on shuffle it would probably sound really weird… most likely i will never actually listen to this copy, i will keep it safe and scratch free.  I mean, i already have this album, but the mere fact that i found a rare promo copy of an album by my favorite band in a record store in michigan… oh man, i just had to get it.  Price Paid: $4

“Temptation Come My Way (Advance)” – the Showdown

This one is on the list!  Found the full-length, advance version at record time.  It doesn’t have the booklet with all the pictures and lyrics but just the cover and tracklist written on the back of the cover – good enough for me!  Price Paid: $1

“Easy Come, Easy Go” – Starflyer 59

This is a two disk, career-spanning compilation of sf59 goodness.  Disc one includes a “Best of” with 3 tracks off each of sf59’s first five releases… then disc two contains rareities, b-sides and live tracks!  Definately worth it for any sf59 fan!  Price Paid: $6

Good day of hunting!  Only paid $12 for four cds!  Not bad, not bad at all!


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