Ep. 10 – The Pop-Rock Section – July 5, 2008

I returned from vaction yesterday and worked a full day.  After i got off work tonight i decided to swing by record time.  I recently made a few additions to the hunt-list and amoung them were a few albums by Rush and U2.  I had remembered seeing a few of their albums in the pop-rock section (as apposed to indie, or metal) at record time so i looked through the entire pop-rock section tonight and i found a couple good albums.

“Achtung Baby” – U2

This is a really great album.  I got really into U2 right around the time “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” came out but i quickly learned that older albums were better.  Though “Achtung Baby” is not really that much older than HTDAAB (2004-1991=13yrs.)  13 years, musically, is a long time.  I have to be in the mood for this album to really listen to it, but it is really a great album!  So many great ballads and full-sounding rock songs.  I’ve liked U2 for awhile, and i know a lot of the newer bands i like were influenced by them, its good to own an album now.  Price Paid: $8

“A Thought Crushed My Mind (Re-Release)” – Blindside

I laughed when I found this.  Blindside was my favorite band for most of my teenage life and if this album had been in the indie section i would have bought it already.   This album defiantely does not belong in the “pop-rock” section… anyways, this album contains one of the best Blindside songs to date “Nothing But Skin”  – 9 minutes of awesome, pure and simple.  The rest of the album has good energy and intensity but some of the songs can get a little repetitive.  I was a little disapointed that this was the re-release but considering the original was mostly a european release, with not huge distribution in the states, it would be quite a lucky find… i’m fine with owning the re-releaese.  Price Paid: $6

I also picked up one of the few albums left at record time that i’ve been consistantly considering and then passing up:

“Can’t Stop Eating EP” – Starflyer 59

I have only listened to this once so far and my first impression of it was good.  It is really rare that SF59 dissapoints me (the Fashion Focus). Price Paid: $4

Another productive hunt.  See ya next time.


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