Ep. 11 – A Rather Random Assortment – July 7, 2008

I went to Blast in the Past today and found a couple great things.  Upon walking in a was assaulted once again by inane chatter.  Today, Joe (the shop owner) and his cohorts were discussing their first sexual encounters.  I tried not to pay attention as i browsed their selection.  I actually found some good stuff:

“RaggaMuffin Hip-Hop Vol.1” – Various

I have always liked the sound of Reggae Music but before purchasing this album the only Reggae artist i listened to was Matisyahu.  I am very careful about the music i listen to.  I try not to listen to music that has bad subject matter, and i usually look for christian artists in whatever genre I am interested in before anything secular.  I recently found a website completely devoted to Gospel Reggae and was able to find some christian Reggae artists so i have been keeping my eyes peeled.  This compilation is all Christian Reggae or Reggae influenced artists, and it is really cool.  Worth checking out if you are a Reggae fan!  Price paid: $6.50

“Hope in Anguish” – East West

East West in a killer heavy rock band.  I have been really into “Light in Guenevere’s Garden” recently so when i saw this album I did not hesitate to pick it up even though it was a little bit pricey.  It was sealed so i got a pretty good deal.  Price Paid: $12.50

“Frail Words Collapse” – As I Lay Dying

I listened to this album a lot early in high school and was among the albums that would be my first taste of heavy metal.  I eventually grew out of this type of music and have shifted towards more melodic stuff but because i listened to this so much i still enjoy the songs when i am in the mood.  Price Paid: $5

“War” – U2

This is one of U2’s best releases and an album I have enjoyed for quite some time.  I recently added it to the hunt-list and I had no trouble finding it.  This album also has, in my opinion one of the coolest album covers of all time – just looks at those eyes!  Price Paid: $6.50

Good Hunting today.  Tune in next time, same blog time, same blog channel.


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