Ep. 12 – One Mans Trash… – July, 11, 2008

…is another man’s treasure.  So the saying goes… well over the past few days i proved that true.

I have bought a lot of cds this week.  The first bunch i bought off ebay.  Hey Music Hunter, i thought you said you were going to hunt in stores and stay off the internet?  Yes, i was but i was curious so i checked ebay to see if they had anything rare by my favorite band stavesacre and sure enough they did.  I also found someone who was selling a bunch of cds i liked rfor really checp because they bought them intending to start a store.  I guess that fell through.  That sucks for them but it was good for me.

“Absolutes (Advance)” – Stavesacre

Someone on ebay was selling an advance copy of Stavesacre’s album “Absolutes” and i couldn’t pass that up.  The album was released in 1997 so i bet an advance copy is pretty hard to find.  It’s a really good album and it was on the hunt-list, so it’s a Double Whammy.  Price Paid: $5.98 (including shipping)

“Catch For Us The Foxes” – Mewithoutyou

One of my favorites bands.  This album is dark and ambient, heavy and beautiful.  Perfect experimental post-hardcore.  I really recommend this album, and i think the track “My Exit, Unfair” is my favorite mwy song.  Bought on ebay, new.  Price Paid: $5.79 (including shipping)

“4 Wall Blackmail” – Dead Poetic

Got really into these guys freshman year of high school (maybe a little before that).  This album was really good and i listen to it many, many times.  These guys have remained one of my favorite for years so when i saw this album on ebay brand new for cheap i snapped it up.  Price Paid: $5.99 (including shipping)

“No sir, nihilism is not practical” – Showbread

Their first album and what got me interested in them in the first place.  I think they have matured musically since this release but it is still a good listen.  The voice of Reese Roper (formerly of Five Iron Frenzy) is featured on two tracks on this album.  Found on ebay, new.  Price Paid: $1.04 (including shipping)

I also made a trip to record time today and picked up a few things:

“New Way to be Human” – Switchfoot

i like this sound much better than the newer popular switchfoot.  I noticed it the last time i went to record time and i decided to get it this time. Price Paid: $6

“5 score and 7 years ago” – Relient K

The best release by Relient K in my opinion.  The song Deathbead is to die for (no pun intended).  the whole record is a nice return to Relient K’s christian roots where their waws not much evidence of them in “mmhmm.”  Price Paid: $6

“Fall + Winter” – Jon Foreman

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman’s solo project.  4 ep’s in one year, one each season; these are the first two.  His music is passionate emotional folk.  It’s really well written and a little sad, but for this sad is good.  Give it a listen even if you don’t like switchfoot.  I liked it and at first i didn’t even realize who Jon foreman was.  Price Paid: $13.99

Also, today i was driving around and i stopped at an estate sale to see if they had a record player for sale.  Turns out they did.  It was stuck in some back room, still plugged in with cords running behind cabinets and such.  I helped them dig it out and talk them down to $20.  So i got me a record player today! 🙂


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