Ep. 13 – St. Vincent DePaul’s – July 13, 2008

Went to a St. Vincent DePaul’s today to look at Vinyls.  My friend told me she gets hers there for 10 cents.  She said that you don’t find anything very often though.  Well i didn’t find any good Vinyls but i actually did find some good cd’s!

“Lift” – Audio Adrenaline

Great release by a great christian band.  I think the title track “Lift” is great as a praise song.  Who would of thought i’d find it here.  I found it unopened!  Price Paid: $2

“Point of Know Return” – Kansas

I got really into Kansas last year.  I illegally downloaded a few of their albums, and this was one of them.  Only recently did i find out that a lot of Kansas’ later releases are heavily christian inlfuenced because Kerry Livgreen gave his life to the Lord.  Kansas’ albums are very good and i’m excited i found this one.  Price Paid: $2

“Under a Blood Red sky (Live)” – U2

U2’s legendary live album featuring live tracks recorded at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  My interest in U2 has been reaffirmed since purchasing Achtung baby and War and the album released after the War Tour in 1983 caught my eye.  For the price it was well worth it!  Price Paid: $2

Well that’s all for today.  A couple of unexpected finds from an unexpected place.  It just goes to show that however unlikely, it still pays to take a look!


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