Ep. 14 – Salvation Army – July 14, 2008

I went to Salvation Army to look at Vinyls this time.  I actually found some!

“Leftoverture” – Kansas

I have to say, this is one that was at the top of my “Vinyls I would buy” list.  It’s funny it ended up being the first one i bought.  The cover is a little beat up but the record looks to be in decent condition.  Can’t complain.  Price Paid: $0.33

“Tommy” – The Who

I bought this for my friend.  He is a big The Who fan and this is their best album.  For the price i thought i might as well pick it up for him.  Price Paid: $0.33

Then i went over to Record Time to browse a little and i found one more good one.

“A Farewell To Kings” – Rush

I got really into Rush about senior year of high school.  By the time i graduated high school i had downloaded every Rush album to date.  I sorted through them and have come to find a certain 5 or 6 that are my favorites.  This one ranked among them and when thinking of what to buy on vinyl Rush was a no-brainer.   This a very good album and it contains one of Rush’s most famous singles “Closer to the Heart.”  I can’t wait until after work so i can listen to this album!  Price Paid: $6

Good hunting today, but i think that’s all for a little while…


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