Ep. 15 – Different Salvation Army – July 21st, 2008

I went to a different Salvation Army today to check out their selection of Vinyls.  I found that they charged a little bit more but heck it was worth it, i found some good stuff!


“Rumors” – Fleetwood Mac

Oh man.  “You can go your own way” is such a great song.  This album is legendary and i found it in near mint condition at a Salvation Army!  This is waht being a music hunter is all about!!!!  Price Paid: $0.49


“Mona Bone Jakon” – Cat Stevens

I haven’t listened to much Cat Stevens, but one of my friends likes him.  Since you can’t beat the prices at salvation armies i tend to buy any album i have even remotely heard of (within reason) if it’s in good condition.  I figure if i listen to it and don’t like it i can sell it to the record store for a little more than i paid for it :).  Price Paid: $0.49

“Wednesday Morning, 3am ” – Simon And Garfunkel

I like Simon and Garfunkel but i have never heard this album.  Hopefully it’s a good one.  The record was in great shape.  Price Paid: $0.49

“Bookends” – Simon and Garfunkel

same as the other one above.  Haven’t heard it but i’ll give it a listen.  Price Paid: $0.49

Quite a few good finds and i didn’t spend a whole lot.  Looks like i can go out hunting again soon 🙂


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