Ep. 16 – Haggling is Fun – July 22nd, 2008


Since i had so much money left after hunting yesterday i went out again today.  I went to Rcord Time first, picked up a couple good things.

“Survive, Kaleidoscope” – Underoath

I picked this up because it is a live DVD and CD and they play a couple songs off of “They’re Only Chasing Safety” which is an album i love by Underoath.  I’m not crazy about their new one, Define the Great Line.  I’m hoping this DVD / CD combo will help a few of those new songs rub off on me…  either way i get to see Aaron Gillespie rock out by drumming and singing at the same time (he does both extremely well, even at the same time!!)  Price Paid: $8

“Masque” – Kansas

This is one of my other favorite Kansas albums.  A little less well known but on par with their two biggest hits which i already own.  They had this on Vinyl at Record Time and i didn’t know when I’d get the chance again so i picked it up.  Price Paid: $3


“In-a-gadda-da-vida” – Iron Butterfly

Haha.  This song/album pretty much sums up my last two years of high school.  It was the theme song for me and band of wacky friends.  I first heard this song through my friend George Lutz III.  He had this big ol’ conversion van that me and my friends would always pile into when we wanted to spend the night having fun.  He would always play crazy music from “Rock Me Amedeus” by Falco to “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton.  He played this 17 minute classic many times at full volume, cruising down gratiot or down harper yelling at old ladies, or just before entering Meijer to kill some time by pretending one of us was blind… those were the days.  Last years my band even covered this song as an omage to Mr. Lutz.  It was in the new arrivals at Record Time, on Vinyl… how could i say no?  Price Paid: $2

That was all I picked up at Record Time today.  I decided to go by Hot Hits for a second time to pick up a couple albums i remembered seeing there but didn’t feel like getting at the time.  I picked them off the shelf and took a look at the disks and they were actually scratched up… they were probably still playable but Hot Hits is a little pricey and i didn’t want to overpay for scratched up CDs.  I decided to try and haggle with the guy a little.  I showed him the scratches and said i’d give him $5 a peice for them.  He look and the disks and saw that they ideed were scratched and he apologized.  He then took them and said he would clean them for me.  He put some wondex on them and buffed them with what looked like a table grinder with cloth on the rotars.  He gently held the disk up to the spinning cloth covered wheel and slowly rotated the cd with his fingers.  It worked like a charm.  He got rid of almost all of the scratches on both CDs!  But that’s not even the best part… he gave them to me for the price i named!  I got them both for $10 plus tax. 🙂

“The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones” – The O.C. Supertones

First release by one of the two great christian ska bands.  Solid album, no hiding the christianity which is great.  The lyrics are straight forward and glorify God.  A little rough sounding considering it is their first release but the listener is willing to forgive the roughness because it is expected with this kind of genre.  Price Paid: $5.30

“Chase the Sun” – The O.C. Supertones

This is the album the Supertones released 3 years after their debut album.  It sounds a bit more polished, a bit more professional and it flat out rocks.  So many good songs.  I love the song “in between” i which the chorus claims:

 “What I am is in between what i want to be and who I am”

I love this!  He talking about the struggle of following Jesus and how we strive to be perfect but never reach perfection.  Even the Apostale Paul spoke of this struggle in the book of Romans.  I really identify with it, i’m a work in progress.  Highly recommended album, check it out!  Price Paid: $5.30


I was quite amazed that my attempt to haggle actually worked but i’m sure glad it did.  It made today a very productive day of hunting! 🙂


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