Ep. 17 – Rock-a-billy’s – July 24th, 2008

I was hanging out with David-Chad today and he knew of a used CD store in Macomb called Rock-a-billy’s.  We went and checked it out and i found some good stuff.  It was not a very big place but they had a lot of god stuff in their, especially on vinyl.  I saw the Beatles White album!  It was $55 though…  But there were some good ones that i could actually afford. 🙂

“Southern Weather” – The Almost

This is a superb album.  This is Aaron Gillespie’s solo project.  Aaron is the drummer and back-up vocalist for Underoath.  On this record he does everything; the songwriting, guitar, drums, bass and vocals with a little help from a few friends (surprisingly one other named Aaron [Sprinkle that is])  I flat out love this album and think it’s better than anything Underoath has put out.  But that’s just me (and frankly all my favorite Underoath album are ones that Aaron sings a lot on.  Price Paid: $7.99

“October” – U2

U2’s second album on vinyl in great condition!  I was flabbergast!  Price Paid: $6.99

“The Unforgettable Fire” – U2

Another great U2 album on Vinyl.  So excited!  Price Paid: $6.99

One other cool thing was when the guy rung me up he gave me a free pack of U2 buttons!  He said they were a promotion given out with any U2 cd to promote the remasters they are releasing at the end of July.  He gave him to me with the two vinyls anyway which was awesome!  If you live near there i suggest checking out Rock-a-Billy’s, i saw a lot of hard to find Vinyls.


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