Ep. 18 – U2 Remasters – July 26th, 2008

Went to record time today to see if they would take a record off my hands.  I got an Alabama record from salvation army the other day for 50 cents because it was in good condition and i thought i would check it out.  I thought they might have a Mountain or Creedance Clearwater Revival sound and that would have been nice… no, it was straight up country… *shudder*  Well, they said that they probably couldn’t sell it so I’m stuck with it (Joe at Blast From the Past might take it… I’ll try their next…)  I did some browsing while i was there.

They have the new u2 remasters of Boy, October and War on vinyl.  They are $20 a piece though… i really want War on vinyl and maybe someday I’ll spring for it.  They also had the Joshua Tree on vinyl remastered but that was like $30… not sure why… it could be a little older, harder to find…  i looked through their new arrivals and even saw an original copy of Boy.  It was $25.  If only i could afford to drop that much on an album, that’d be awesome!  I did end up getting a CD and an album while i was there though:

“Boy” – U2

Haha, lots of U2 for me lately huh?  Someone must have traded in their old copy this week because this is the first time i’ve seen a copy of this album (i got it on CD, the vinyl i mentioned earlier would have been nice but, yeah $25 is out of my price range at the moment).  I listened to the album in the car a couple times and even at work today and i have to say it’s really good.  Price Paid: $6

“Moving Pictures” – Rush

This is a really great Rush album!  It is probably the “last” (chronologically) Rush album i thoroughly enjoy until “Vapor Trails.”  Great songs like “Tom Sawyer,” “YYZ” and “Limelight” make this album solid, and i think that even the lesser known tracks are high quality.  Listened to this album a lot during the tail end of my high school years and it’s great tp own it on vinyl.  Price Paid: $6

I’ve got a few weeks if summer left then it’s back to school.  I go to scool far from record stores so the rate i obtain music will probably slow but i will always stay on the hunt for good music and hopefully one day i will complete the hunt-list.


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