Ep. 20 & 21 – More Stuff From Joe’s – July 31st & Aug. 1st, 2008

Ep. 20

I went to Joe’s today to return a ‘vinyl i had purchased on tuesday.  Sadly the copy of “Monolith” by Kansas that i got from him was cracked.  He was really cool about it though.  He said he’d “file it” as he tossed it in the trash can and he told me to just go pick out another one.  I browsed for a little while before deciding and found something worthwhile.

“Willy and the Poor Boys” – Creedance Clearwater Revival

I got into CCR last year from the movie Forest Gump and my friend George.  Forest Gump has the song “Fortunate Son” in it and one day i was watching it and decided to look up the song.  Then my friend George burnt me a copy of one of their compilation CD’s.  I really like their sound.  It almost borders on being something other than rock… but i can’t quite decide what.  All i know is it sounds great!  Happy to have this in my vinyl collection.  Price Paid: $0 (technically $1 if you count what i paid for “monolith”)

After stopping at Joe’s it was still early in the day so i decided to check out Record Time and see if they had gotten anything new in. I also noticed some boxes of CDs i didn’t notice in the clearance section last time i looked.  Stuff under the shelf, so i pulled those out and looked through those and i actually found a couple good ones!

“The Ever Passing Moment” – MXPX

This album was one of my favorites early on in my life.  My brother bought this CD when i was in sixth or seventh grade.  I never actually owned it but i copied my brothers and i would listen to this CD all the time.  I remember listening to it while cutting my neighbors lawn back when I used to live in at my old house.  It is a really solid pop punk album with some of MXPX’s best stuff on it.  After all these years i still know all the words to the songs 🙂  Price Paid: $6

“Vintage” – East West

Album has some good songs on it.  Not the best of East West, but not bad.  Price Paid: $2

“Gone are the Days” – Joseph Israel

A christian reggae artist.  I am always on the lookout for these… Thought i’d give it a try.  Price Paid: $3

A couple good finds for not much dough!

Ep. 21

I went to Blast in the Past again today because his blowout sale started today… but only for CDs.  I browsed the racks of CDs for awhile and found a few that were pretty sweet.

“Disintegration” – The Cure

The only Cure album i am really familiar with that i would buy at this point.  It was in the pile with it’s booklet but not it’s original case.  For the price i was ok with that.  Price Paid: $1

“Chronicle Vol. 1 (Greatest Hits)” – Creedance Clearwater Revival

I really like CCR.  Got into them last summer a lot and they remind of that time.  Working at my uncles studio working on car shoots (photography) and working for my grandma painting stuff… good times and great music!  Price Paid: $1

“Greatest Hits (Disc 1)” – The Doors

I like the Doors a bit.  Not so much whole albums but a lot of the singles, so this was perfect.  Price Paid: $1

“Staring at the Sun (Maxi-Single)” – U2

From the “Pop” era.  Some b-sides of the album.  It looked cool so i grabbed it.  Price Paid: $1

Lots of good stuff this week, and i’m going back sunday!


One response to “Ep. 20 & 21 – More Stuff From Joe’s – July 31st & Aug. 1st, 2008

  1. East West! They’re goog good stuff. I just finished reading all of your posts. I’m extremely surprised your blog isn’t pouring with readers, because the idea seems so original, and I’m a huge fan of most of your music!

    Most notably your metal and indie tastes.

    Take care!

    -Loren Wade

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