Ep. 24 – Weird, South, and The Hunt (for Red) – Aug 5th, 2008

Had lunch with an old friend from high school this morning and before lunch we decided to go to Record Time.  I tried to trade in some records and CDs but they didn’t want any… i’m going to try Hots Hits next, i think they will do it.  I found a couple good ones today though.

“The Fundamental Elements of Southtown” – P.O.D. (CD)

I have liked P.O.D. since “Satellite.”  I downloaded this album awhile ago and liked a few tracks like “Southtown” and “Bullet the Blue Sky.”  I’m not too familiar with the rest of the album but i think it will be good.  Price Paid: ($3 – $1 store Credit =) $2

“October” -U2 (CD)

Really good album by U2.  I have it on Vinyl and have been keeping my eyes open for it on CD so i could listen to it more.  Price Paid: $6

“Greatest Hits” – Weird Al Yankovic (Vinyl)

Found Weird Al on Vinyl, lol.  Couldn’t say no…  Price Paid: $5

Pretty good stuff today.  I may be able to do some hunting once or twice more in the next week but after that it will be a little more difficult while being at school… i will have to try other things…


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