Ep. 25 & 26 – Christian Hardcore Punk, and some other stuff. – Aug 7th & 8th, 2008

Ep. 25

I went to Blast in the past today because Joe was holding a CD for me.  It’s funny that something is always going on every time i go in there.  This big black guy was “preaching” to a junkie in the store.  He was talking really fast and “quoting” the Bible without quoting scripture.  It was unnerving.  He made some good points but he also made claims like the reason people do bad things is because they have demons in them.  He kept saying, “the Demons get you to do them bad things man, but they ain’t going to jail whitcha!”  First off, Demons don’t make you do bad things.  We do bad things because we have a sinful nature.  If you were to say that we don’t do bad things because we want to that absolves us of responsibility and demeans the sacrifice of what Jesus did when he laid his life down for a rebelious sinful people.  If we have no control over the times we sin then we have no hope of following God anymore closely and we are technically innocent since it is the demon sinning and not us.  That just isn’t the case.  But anyway before i get off on too much of a theological rant…. I found a couple more awesome albums while i was there, check ’em out:

“Where Moth and Rust Destroy” – Tourniquet

Tourniquet is a really cool band.  They are truly a metal band in the purest sense.  Think of a christian Metallica.  Very solid album where the average song length is 5:00+.  Been looking for this one for awhile and was very surprised when i noticed it at Joe’s.  Price Paid: $12.50

“Raggamuffin Hip Hop 2” – Various

Volume 2 of the Christian Reggae sampler.  I really enjoyed the first one so i had Joe hold on to this one for me so i would be able to get it later.  Picked it up today, it’s really good.  Price Paid: $6.50

“the Artist in the Ambulance” – Thrice

Great release by Thrice.  Added this to the hunt-list a little bit ago after buying “The Alchemy Index Vol.1&2”.  Was pretty surprised when i found it.  Price Paid: $5

I also went to Record Time to attempt to sell some records.  I sold them my extra copy of moving pictures by Rush.  Then i picked up  a CD while i was there:

“How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” – U2

I really enjoy this album.  Some people think that bands that have been around a long time can’t make good music anymore.  “There old stuff is so much better” they always say.  Well, i agree that that can be the case but i think U2 does a great job even now!  I think this is a very solid release with many memorable tracks!  Price Paid: $6

Good day of hunting.  I went to Joe’s expecting to be in and out and found a couple gems i never would have thought would be there!

Ep. 26

So i went back to Joe’s today because i say some stuff there yesterday and didn’t have enough money to get it all.  Today was payday so i went back.

“Matt Aragon (Promo)” – Dogwood

Found this Promo Album by Dogwood, a christian hardcore punk band.  Really good style.  They have a lot of versatility which keeps the album interesting.  The lead singer has a really cool voice too, kind of gravelly…  Check it out if you get a chance.  Price Paid: $5

“The Bare Truth about Philmore” – Philmore

Very catchy pop-punk album.  Passed it up a few times in favor of other stuff.  Decided iot was worth it today.  Price Paid: $5

“Nailed/ Take up Your Cross” – The Crucified

Hardcore Punk release by one of the best in the genre.  The crucified’s lead singer, Mark Salomon later became the singer of my favorite band, Stavesacre.  Decided it was time i owned some crucified!  Price Paid: $5

I was then about to leave when i noticed another CD and just about flipped out:

“Then is the new Now” – Denison Marrs

I ruckus’d this album earlier this summer when i read that this band did a split cd with Stavesacre.  I listened to it alot and it’s a really good CD.  I’ve been meaning to officially add it to the hunt-list but it has mentally been there for awhile.  It’s a great album and i’m excited that i have it now!!  Price Paid: $5

Found lots of good stuff yesterday and today!!!!  Soon i go back to school but i may check back with Blast in the Past and Record Time before i go, we’ll see…


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