Ep. 28 – Last trip to Record Time (most likely) – Aug 11th, 2008

Today was most likely my last trip to Record Time for awhile.  I am going back to school and there are no record stores closeby so my hunt will take different forms…  I was able to find a couple really good albums though for my last visit:

“Oh Gravity” – Switchfoot”

This summer has almost completely changed my opinion of Switchfoot.  I used to really not like Switchfoot, i thought they were over played and not very good.  My only exposure to them was “The Beautiful Letdown.”

Earlier this summer i got really into Jon Foreman’s solo stuff, beautiful acoustic folk music…  I was then surprised to learn that Jon Foreman was the lead singer/songwriter of switchfoot.

I then saw a copy of “New Way to Be Human,” Switchfoot’s 1999 release, at Record Time and decided to pick it up… i liked it, and it was frequently in my CD player this summer…  I have to say i have come to like Switchfoot…

I found this album today and picked it up without much thought.  I’ve already listened to it a few times today and i have to say it is really, really good!  Price Paid: $6

“The Crane Wife” – The Decemberists

The Decemberists are really cool.  Hard to describe but really awesome Indie/Folk Rock.  My friend and soon-to-be-roomate introduced them to me.  Try them out!  Price Paid: $8

That was it for today, i’m pretty happy with what i found.  Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment! 🙂


3 responses to “Ep. 28 – Last trip to Record Time (most likely) – Aug 11th, 2008

  1. I really want to hear the Crane Wife.
    I might wait until I’m a bit more financial though, I’ve been buying too many CDs latley.
    I’m really enjoying the living end’s new one if you’re into that kind of thing.

  2. The Crane Wife is spectacular! I’ve never heard of the Living End… i may have to do a little research… 🙂

  3. The Living End are an Australian punk/rockabilly band. Their old stuff is probably the best.

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