Ep. 29 – First New Album Post Move – Aug 15th, 2008

Well, over the last day or so i moved.  I packed all my earthly possessions (well, most of them) into my good ol’ Jeep and drove three hours up to school.  I am now living in our Ministry House for His House Christian Fellowship and I am taking a major role in the ministry this year!  🙂  I am crazy excited!

Anyways, after some unpacking last night i needed to take a trip to Walmart and while i was there i found one of the albums on the list.

“Flyleaf (Re-release/Special Edition)” – Flyleaf

Back when this album originally came out i downloaded it.  I really like their sound.  I was not into very many bands with female vocalists at the time and this album was actually refreshing and still pretty heavy.  The lead singer can scream as well as any guy, and she has a really strong, pretty singing voice.  They have some really great songs on this album and they are pretty up front about their faith in God.  Surprisingly, i’ve watched this band get pretty popular in the secular world, which is a great opportunity for them (plus it makes it possible to find their album at Walmart 😉 )  This re-release comes with a couple acoustic tracks and a DVD of those acoustic tracks being performed along with all Flyleaf’s music videos.  Definately worth it for the price.  Price Paid: $10

I will be busy getting settled in for the rest of the week.  While i am doing all this unpacking i’m using Ruckus to check out some new bands so i may have some new albums to add to the hunt list pretty soon.  Until then, Peace out y’all!


One response to “Ep. 29 – First New Album Post Move – Aug 15th, 2008

  1. That is a good deal. I bought the original version when it came for for 10 bucks too!

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