More Additons to the Hunt-list…

Update 8/23/08:

I am going to make this into a new page,  a secondary list of albums i am looking for but did not originally download illegally.

Original Post:

I am going to add some more things to the hunt-list…  i will edit this post a few times because i can’t think of them all now.  A few i know for sure are:

“An Ocean Between Us” – As i Lay Dying

“Gold” – Starflyer 59

“Americana” – Starflyer 59

Updated 8/18/08:

“The Blueprint Dives” – Extol

“The Habit of Fire” – Kekal

“The Azreal Tales” – Mirador

Updated 8/19/08:

“The Unknown Clarity” – Crash Rickshaw

Updated 8/21/08:

“With Vision” – Place of Skulls

“Nailed” – Place of Skulls

Anything by Balance of Power

Updated 8/22/08:

“eager seas” – Watashi Wa (people like people – eager seas)

“The Boy vs. The Cynic” – John Rueben

“Word of Mouth” – John Rueben


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