Ep. 30 – The Classic Crime – Aug 18th, 2008

Two days ago I went to visit my parents at our families cabin.  Well, apparently they were out when i got there so i couldn’t get in.  I had some time to kill so i decided to go to Walmart.  I was in there looking for a specific CD that they have for download on walmart.com.  They didn’t have it but they had another one i’d been meaning to try out.

“The Silver Cord” – The Classic Crime

I have heard of the Classic Crime for a couple years now.  For some reason i never checked them out.  Just recently i found out that they are actually a part of Warped Tour this year and that a single from their last album has gotten considerable secular radio play.  I’ve really been meaning to check them out so when i saw their newest album at walmart i decided to pick it up.  After listening to it a few times i have to say it’s pretty good, not amazing but good.  I actually think they sound like a christian version of Panic At the Disco, or Fallout Boy (which is probably why they are so popular).  Pretty decent CD.  Price Paid: $8.87

This weekend was Open Grave Records “Free Download Weekend” and they had three christian metal albums for download absolutely free (and legal! 🙂 ).  I downloaded them all but only one was really my taste.

“The Habit of Fire” – Kekal

This is a pretty cool album.  Experimental, Avant-Garde/Doom Metal with mostly clean vocals.  It’s a really cool album.  The lead singer’s voice is annoiying on a few tracks but other than that it’s pretty solid.  At one point he even sounds like Getty Lee from Rush which is kind of crazy.  The music is a nice blend of metal and other stuff… they use horns and synths and all kinds of crazy stuff at different points on the album.  This was a free download but i will probably look for the actual CD.  Price Paid: $0 (Thanks Open Grave Records!)

Stay tuned for more updates!  Thanks for reading!


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