My Life: What God Did in My Life This Summer

In spring i was really, really looking forward to, and sort of banking on my summer job being in one of two places.  I was planing on working at either my uncle’s photography studio this summer or at a Christian video production company that i found out about last christmas break.  i never got a reply from the second one so i then planned to work for my uncle, which i had done the previous summer and really enjoyed.  Working for my Uncle also payed really well, and that was a bonus because the whole reason I came home this summer was to work myself out of debt so i could be free with my finances and be able to do ministry unhindered.

Well, after being home for about three days my uncle told me that he wouldn’t be able to use me this summer.  Disapointed, i began job hunting 5+ hours a day.  A week later and i still hadn’t found a job and i was getting kind of discouraged.  I got kinda mad about my situation and had a crappy attitude about it all.  The next day i went into the Subway i worked at in high school and asked if they had any openings… they said no.  Here’s where it gets interesting; The next day i get a call from my old manager asking if i can work (at subway); someone quit the day i came in and so I started the next day.  Subway started me at $8.00 (more than i used to get paid) and because of the $5 footlong thing i was able to work 30+ hours a week starting out; i never worked that much when i worked there in high school.  In spite of all this, my crappy attitude persisted.  i did not think of Subway as a blessing, i didn’t really enjoy working there and was still mad that i wasn’t working at my uncle’s.

Then a few weeks go by… i consistantly work night shift (ugh, another thing i do not consider a blessing) and i work almost every night with the same girl.  Let’s call her Sarah. We spent at least two hours a night alone at Subway… I, still not realizing my attitude was not the greatest, decide to try and be forward about my faith… i answer all the questions like “do you drink?” “are you a virgin?” truthfully and sight my faith in Jesus Christ as my reason (at least i did something right, lol).  So after Sarah started seeing that i take my faith seriously, the questions started coming.  She shares with me the fact that she has been around Christians her whole life and that she believes in God.  she said she’d even tried to read the Bible before but never understood it…  i asked her where she started and she said genesis and i related to her… i asked if she got bogged down in the genealogies and stuff and she said yeah; she always stopped reading at that point.  i told her she should start in Matthew with the life of Jesus.

That night I went home and grabbed the Bible i had failed to give away when we were evangelizing during STP and gave it to her the next day with some pages marked; it had the romans road written in the front cover and i told her what it was and that she should read it if she wanted.

That night when i got home I realized what a crappy attitude i had had.  Here i was unhappy with the job i had when God had placed me there all along to impact this person.  I repented and prayed about it committed that now i would purposely use the rest of my time there to help Sarah.

Soon after that sarah’s boyfriend got arrested.  He was practically her husband (the father of her two children) but they were not technically married.  He was struggling with heroin addiction so going to jail was actually a good thing… anyway…  There was a lot of turbulent things going on in Sarah’s life this summer and i was able to share things with her all summer… every once in awhile i would ask her if she was reading her Bible and keep her accountable and i am still doing it to this day.

Soon before i left we had i discussion about baptism and what it means to be born again.  I am now confident to say that Sarah is a member of the kingdom of God! 🙂  i also gave her a Bible story book for her kids and she said she would read it to them!  I  am still in contact with her and am still trying to keep her accountable and encourage her…

Moral of the story… God can use us, in any situation… whether we are looking for it or not… and that every situation we are in is from God and has a purpose in his plan so we should not get a crappy attitude when things aren’t going our way because things are going God’s way and that is what’s important!

I was too wrapped up in myself… I’m just glad i realized it before i wasted my whole summer.  I didn’t do much it was all God… i’m really happy for Sarah too… i hope she continues to grow… i just sent her a text message asking her if she is still reading her bible 🙂


4 responses to “My Life: What God Did in My Life This Summer

  1. It’s amazing what God can do when we just trust him to lead us in the right direction. Thanks for sharing this… it encouraged and reminded me of a lot of things I needed to hear.

  2. I’m glad it was encouraging and also glad that you took the time to read it! 🙂

  3. Great story bro, the Lord can rock our worlds sometimes and its always for his glory. Awesome blog too, I like the music selection.

  4. this was a really good read! uplifting! you should update more often though. also, some great music recomendations that i’m gonna check out. i have one for you though, Danyew! he’s aewsome! he only has an ep out, but it has about 6 songs and they’re all great! check him out on myspace:

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