My Mission

I have always been a music freak. I am always on the hunt for original music that I can stick in my cd player, slap on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and get lost for and hour or so. I like music that i can swim in, you know what i mean? Good music is like ecstasy for the mind. And it’s good for the soul.

In high school i had a field day with programs like Kazaa and Bit-Torrent. Any music i wanted, as long as it was well known enough, was at the tip of my fingers… for free! Little did i care that not only the band members, but the recording companies, people who designed the cover art, even press photographers all poored their hearts and souls all into creating the great album that with the simple press of a button a could steal from them and they would never know. They were creating beautiful audible works of art and i did not care to support them. I know several bands that broke up because there records just didn’t sell, little did they know they had a huge fan-base of non-paying customers who all had their first album and e.p. downloaded.

About a year ago i decided that the stealing needed to stop. I hope to produce movies one day and i sure wouldn’t want people downloading the movies i worked so hard on for free. It’s not about the money, it’s about giving credit where credit is due.

For awhile i was using the program ruckus ( that lets college students download music for free LEGALLY. The advertising on the site pays for the music and you take it home free… it is restricted, you can only play in on your computer, but i found it a good way to tide myself over until i could afford the cd i wanted to buy.

Recently, after watching the movie “High Fidelity” (which buy the way is one of the greatest movies ever made. Classic, along with Grosse Pointe Blank, which both incidentally star John Cusack… anyway…) After watching the movie i got the idea to check out a used record store by my house that i’d never been in called Record Time. I can’t even believe it, racks and racks of cds from all the bands i listen to that no one’s ever heard of, and many on the used rack for anywhere from $8-$3.

I have now began a grand project, a hunt for all the albums i downloaded and any new music i want. All will be purchased, but since i am a college student, i will always be on the hunt for the best deal. This is the account thereof.


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