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Am I Dead?

No, i’m not dead.  I haven’t updated in sooo long because real life has begun.  College has ended – i’m working a real job…  I’m still buying music, just don’t really have the time for this blog anymore.  I have begun writing my own music and I encourage you to check it out!





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Ep. 27 – Echoing Bean – Aug 10th, 2008

So when i went to Joe’s yesterday I actually got so excited about the Denison Marrs CD i found that i forgot to get one of the albums i went there to get.  I went back and got it today.

“Well Adjusted” – Beanbag

Lame band name.  Good sound.  Very original and hard to describe but very cool.  Price Paid: $6

Then i noticed another album and i bought it totally on impulse.

“Supernova” – The Echoing Green

I have only listened to a few tracks so far but i like it so far.  The liner notes say that Micah Ortega, formerly of Five Iron Frenzy, did turntables on this record so that’s pretty cool.  Price Paid: $5

I am probably going to spend a little more on CDs this week then i normally would since i am going to school soon where there aren’t really any record stores… Check back soon!!

Ep. 23 – Lot’s of Vinyls – Aug 3rd, 2008

I got a lot from Joe’s blowout sale!  He was selling a lot of cool Vinyls… as many as i could carry away for $10!  Some i’m going to try and sell… here’s the whole list:

“Eliminator” – ZZ Top

“Let it Bleed” – Rolling Stones

“Fleetwood Mac” – Fleetwood Mac

“Close to the Edge” – Yes

“Blind Faith” – Blind Faith

“Crest of a Knave” – Jethro Tull

“Heavy Horses” – Jethro Tull

“Sounds of Silence” – Simon and Garfunkel

“The Principle of Moments” – Robert Plant

“Woodstock 1” – Various

“Woodstock 2” – Various

“Hot Tracks” – Nazareth Sold: $1

“Night Moves” – Bob Seger

“Live Bullet” – Bob Seger

“2112” – Rush

“Moving Pictures” – Rush Sold: $1

“Made in Japan” – Deep Purple

“Who’s Next” – The Who

“Zeppelin IV” – Led Zeppelin

“Slowhand” – Eric Clapton

“A Passion Play” – Jethro Tull

“Darkside of the Moon” – Pink Floyd

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Simon and Garfunkel

“Parsley Sage Rosemary and Time” – Simon and Garfunkel

“Paranoid” – Black Sabbath

I am pretty excited about.  I’ll let you know which ones i decide to keep!

Ep. 19 – Amazing Sale! – July 29th, 2008

I went to Blast in the Past today and it ended up being one of the best hunts yet!  I was going to go to record time but i decided to go to Blast in the Past to see if Joe, the owner, could use an Alabama album i had lying around.  He said no… but i figured as much.  So i browsed the CD’s and found one i had been looking for.  But then he told me about a huge blowout sidewalk sale he is having this weekend.  He said that any vinyl in the store under $10 was only $1 and any vinyl above that was 50%.  He even said he would give me the sale price today!

“Pop” – U2

I ruckus-ed this album two years ago when i read Mark Salomon’s book “Simplicity.”  He mentioned that he listened to this album a lot during a particular part of stavesacre’s early touring days…  it got me interested in this album by a band i already liked.  Pop is a different kind of U2 album.  Released in 1997 this album has quite a different sound from earlier U2 albums.  It’s dark and heavy with synthesizer and driving drum machine beats.  It is a hard album to interperet lyrically.  I believe it has some of the most blatantly christian messages to some of the songs (most sound like prayer to God in times of darkness) but it also the only album that i know of that U2 swears on… in the song “Wake Up, Dead Man” which is steeped in religious overtones the opening lines state:

Jesus, Jesus help me
I’m alone in this world
And a f*cked up world it is too

I thoroughly enjoy this album even though some hardcore U2 fans do not like it because it is so different from other U2…  I think it’s worth a try though.  Got it on CD.  Price Paid: $6

The rest of the albums i found today were all Vinyls because i couldn’t pass them up for $1 a piece.

“Monolith” – Kansas

This is a 1970’s Kansas release before major member changes.  I think it is before Kerry Livgreen’s conversion to Christ and John Elefante’s joining the band but i am not sure.  I haven’t listened to it yet but it has a pretty sweet cover!  Space Indians!  Price Paid: $1

“Point of Know Return” – Kansas

I have this on CD already and it is one of my favorite progressive rock albums.  Saw it and decided to snag it.  Price Paid: $1

“Desperate Measures” – Kansas

This is one of Kansas’ releases post Kerry Livgreen’s conversion and post John Elefante’s joining the band.  I haven’t listened to it yet but i am sure it is great lyrically, hopefully i like the music.  The cover is amusing.  Price Paid: $1

“Rattle and Hum” – U2

Double Live LP with Bob Dylan and The Beatles covers plus many amazing U2 songs!  How could i pass it up!  Price Paid: $1

“War” – U2

Have this on CD.  It is my favorite U2 album.  I was so happy to find it on Vinyl and for a buck!  Price Paid: $1

“2112” – Rush

I also found another great album by one of my other favorite progressive rock bands.  Great listen!  Price Paid: $1

Such an amazing haul today and it isn’t even the sale yet.  I’m going back this weekend to see what else i can find!