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Ep. 38 – Last trip of the year – Dec. 30th, 2008

I had some freetime and a little cash so i decided to see if there was anything new at good ol’ Record Time.  I found a few things that were pretty cool, and one i’m not quite sure about yet.

“Pedal to the Metal (Advance/Promo)” – Blessed By a Broken Heart


I found these guys on myspace in highschool and downloaded a few of their free tracks back then.  Listened to a couple of them pretty regularly for a while but never really considered myself a real fan of the band.  A few months ago i heard they were coming out with a new CD and i read a review of it.  Then today i was browsing the metal section and i ran across this…  I chuckled to myself as i picked up the CD.  I decided to give it a listen and it actually wasn’t that bad.  They are a band that really wishes it was still the 80’s, i mean, just look at the album cover.  But even though it is some crazy new kind of hair metal, it rocks pretty hard with just a dash of the ridiculous.  Not a bad find.


1. Intro (1:57)
2. She Wolf (4:49)
3. Show Me What You Got (4:07)
4. Move Your Body (3:29)
5. She’s Dangerous (3:50)
6. To Be Young (3:58)
7. Doing It (3:33)
8. Blood On Your Hands (4:41)
9. Don’t Stop (3:35)
10. Carry On (4:27)
11. Ride Into The Night (3:50)

Price Paid: $3

“The Blueprint Dives” – Extol


I have been looking for this album for a long time.  This is one of the few true goth-metal type bands that i like,and really only the sound of this album really does it for me.  In this album they began to incorporate more singing and it’s really beautiful.  I was on my way out of the store today when i glanced at the metal rack and this was right in the front.  I was pretty shocked and i laughed and grabbed it.  The album is pretty masterfully done.  Hard to put into words but it’s a really good Scandinavian metal album.


1. Gloriana
2. Soul Deprived
3. In Reversal
4. Pearl
5. From The Everyday Mountain Top
6. Another Adam’s Escape
7. The Things I Found
8. Lost In Dismay
9. Essence
10. Void
11. The Death Sedative
12. Riding For A Fall

Price Paid: $6

“The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole” – Trenches


Jimmy Ryan (ex Haste the Day) has a new project called Trenches.  I got the album today to check it out… not sure how i feel about it yet.  Once i give it some time i will update this blog with a review.

Price Paid: 13.99

Well that’s it for now, i am still working on getting you guys completely back up to speed.  I’m getting there slowly.  Well, probably won’t post again this year so, have a good new year!  See ya in ’09!