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Ep. 36 – Ok so i kinda dropped the ball… – 27th Nov. 2008

Not to make excuses but I’ve been really busy this semester… in fact it’s been the busiest one of my college career to date.  That being said, i still should have been able to update this thing once or twice in the last few months…  man I’m a slacker!  OK, well, on to the good news… during the past few months i got somewhere around ten albums… i am going to start updating this blog again with reviews and such soon so look for those.  I’ll even do one now real quick to keep you guys interested… hopefully i can remember how much i paid for all those albums… OK, here goes… I’m back baby!

“The Sleeping House” – Cool Hand Luke

So a few months ago i was surfing the firestream.net forums and i saw a post about Cool Hand Luke.  I just about flipped out when i saw that it was talking about a brand new CHL album!  As far as anyone knew, CHL was dead for good and then all of a sudden they come out with a new album.  Even cooler was that it was made available before it’s actual street release date… all you had to do was order it off the Lujo Records website.  I did it as soon as i could spare the cash and i got the album about mid October.  Oh man!  Not only is CHL back, but they are back in force!  This is such a solid album!  Every song displays their mastery of songwriting combining floating piano melodies with biting bass-lines and guitar riffs that pull it all together into a sea of audial revelry.  Lyrically this band is almost unmatched.  They are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and the subject matter is deep and penetrating.  The way some people write songs you can really tell that they have a grasp on the scriptures.  CHL’s sleeping house offers messages that aren’t the cookie-cutter of the Christian pop scene, but something of real substance!  I hope that this revival is not short lived and that we are graced with at least one more record from this great collection of christian men.


1. Fast Asleep
2. Cast Your Bread
3. Failing in Love
4. Buy the Truth
5. The Mirror
6. Eye of the Storm
7. The City Prevails
8. Spirit Sing
9. Wonder Tour
10. The House
11. The Incomprehensible Sleep
12. Wide Awake

Price Paid: $10 + tax

Happy to be back folks, hopefully i’ll have some more reviews for you soon!  (some of those links are a joke, so don’t be offended 😉 )


Ep. 4 – Hot Hits and “Love” – June 16th, 2008

Today i decided to check out Hot Hits, another record store on gratiot not a mile from Record Time.  My first impression of the place was less than optumistic.  It was dirty, cluttered and disorganized.  It looked like a pawn shop with dvds and videogames lying around in piles, no prices on anything.  I decided to give them a chance and browse through the music they had.  I was actually surprised by what i found.  I suspect the reason i found what i did was because they get very few costumers, especially costumers looking for the obscure stuff i was looking for.  A few of the titles i found but did not buy were:  “Chase the Sun” – The O.C. Supertones (maybe next time), “The Adventures of the Orange County Supertones” – The O.C. Supertones, “On Your Feet” – Spoken (i was very surprised to find one of spoken’s very early albums since they aren’t very big… i’m not a huge fan of the album though, so i passed it up…), and “Payable on Death” – P.O.D.

I did find a few albums on the list that were worth getting at Hot Hits, sadly Hot Hits charges $7 for used CD’s instead of $6 like Record Time so I oly got a few:

“Satellite” – P.O.D.

This album and I go way back.  This is probably the first hard rock album i ever owned.  Back in the day (7th grade) when my top recording artists were MXPX, Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk, and the Newsboys (i know, i’m sorry, i was a kid… and everyone else liked them 😉 ) my friend Eric told me about this band, P.O.D. and he burned me their album.  I was in love right away, the music was so powerful… heavy distortion, screaming, i loved heavy music… now, i know people are like P.O.D.?  That’s your exposure to heavy music?  You can’t get much more mainstream than P.O.D… I know, but this album opened the door… and really if you give it a listen now, it is pretty heavy, you have to admit (especially in contrast to the Newsboys 😉 )  So this album has been a part of my collection since i started defining my musical tastes, so when i saw it, i had to pick it up.  Price Paid: $7

“Wake Up, O Sleeper” – Cool Hand Luke

I’ve already said how my love for cool hand luke has grown in the last six months.  I had all their albums downloaded and recently found “the Balancing Act” at Record time.  Well, Hot Hits actually had their second release, “Wake Up, O Sleeper” so i snatched that bad boy up!  Price Paid: $7

“Love” – The Juliana Theory

When i really started to get into the christian alternative and rock scene in high school, i found out about the Julianna Theory.  I gave them a listen, but at that time i was listening to bands like Underoath (early Underoath, with Dallas on vocals) As I Lay Dying, Extol, and Christian hardcore or metal.  What i heard of the Julianna Theory was not “heavy” enough for me.  Then somewhere along the line i downloaded some pack that had a bunch of christian albums in it and “Love” was one of them.  It found it’s was onto my ipod and stayed there for awhile, just waiting.  Waiting until i started college… every once and awhile a song from the album would pop up on shuffle and i would think “this is pretty good, who is this…” I’d look and it would be a song off this album.  When i compiled the hunt-list i decided that i would buy this album if i ever come across it.  I came across it today and I was pretty shocked, the only Julianna Theory album that Hot Hits (or Record Time for that matter) had was the only one i like!  Hah!  Price Paid: $7

After Hot Hits i made a stop by record time because i had a trade in.  I traded in a sealed copy of Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” (it was a gift) and got $3 store credit.

“Shadows are Security” – As I Lay Dying

Though my interest in metal is not as strong as it used to be, I can’t deny that this is a good album.  For $3 i couldn’t pass it up.  Price Paid: ($6 – $3 store credit = $3)

Pretty productive day.  Not sure if i’ll be going back to Hort Hits anytime soon, but the trip todday was worth it.  I found out about a couple more record stores in the area so i might try those sometime soon… after i get paid again.

EP. 1 – First trip – June 3rd, 2008

I walk in the store and am just immediately overwhelmed. It’s like a dream come true. Now those of you who’ve been there might just be like, “geez Jake, it’s only record store” but you must understand the enormity of my obsession with music. I glance over a few of the vinyls even though i don’t even own a record player. I wish i did, i like vinyl. I move on, look through some of the new racks before finding the used section. Jack-pot, used indie, used metal… the sections most likely to hold the albums I’d been stealing for years. I found a couple rare albums that blew me away right then and there:

“Neon Horse” – Neon Horse

ok so this album is a masterpiece. The band consists of a bunch of people from old Tooth and Nail (record label) bands that are either not doing anything anymore or are starting to do less with the bands they’ve been with for years. Most notably is Mark Salomon, the lead singer of Stavesacre, my all time favorite band. Mark is the only member of the band that has appear in public, he has chosen to be the face of neon horse using the alias “Norman Horse” and appearing always in come sort of disguise. The others members of the band remain a mystery officially but i have a pretty good idea about a few of them. I am 98% certain that Jason Martin is the guitarist… or at least on of them… he is the guitarist of Starflyer 59, another band i love to death, and on some songs you can hear that influence come through. Also, the copywrites on ASCAP list Jason Martins name alongside Mark’s as the writer of all the songs. Other members i suspect are Ronnie Martin (of Joy Electric) on synth and Steven Dail (of Project 86) on bass.
The sound of this record is very very original, 80’s influenced rock that you just need to listen to to appreciate. These guys are pretty underground so i was shocked to stumble upon their album in a record store Roseville Michigan. Price Paid: $6

“The Balancing Act” – Cool Hand Luke

This record i got really into this last semester of sophomore year of college, so about two months ago. This is a compilation of Cool Hand Luke’s career as a band but it includes other unreleased songs as well. I had all of cool hand luke’s cd’s downloaded and was listening to them a lot last semester so when i stumbled upon their cd,. i snatched it up right away. Great band, mellow stuff infused with passionate vocals, a really good record.
Price Paid: $6