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Ep. 39 – New this (now last) semester (part 2) – Jan. 6th, 2009

Here’s a few more album i got during the tail end of 2008 that i am just now getting on here… I know, i know… i have no excuse…

“Save me from Myself” – Brian “Head” Welch


I heard about this guy awhile back and downloaded some free tracks from his myspace.  They were ok, but I didn’t really get into them.  A few years later now, he’s come out with an entire album, and I have to say it’s better than his earlier stuff.    Now, you may not know who this guy is, but you have probably heard of his former band: Korn.  Yes, that Korn.  He was there guitarist and he accepted Christ and left the band.  His band-mates were really cool about it.  From the lyrical content of his music I can tell that he has really taken his faith serious and matured greatly.  It’s really encouraging to see.  The album, though not the best I’ve ever heard, is not bad at all.  It still reflects that eerie quality that Korn was famous for, but the album features a great addition: HOPE.  Not a bad venture from mister Head.  Not bad at all.

Genre: Metal / Rap Rock / Industrial
Christian or Secular?: Christian

1. L.O.V.E.
2. Flush
3. Loyalty
4. Re-Bel
5. Home
6. Save Me From Myself
7. Die Religion Die
8. Adonai
9. Money
10. Shake
11. Washed By Blood

Price Paid: $14.30

“Doubt becomes the new addiction” – Flee the Seen


I got this when I came home for thanksgiving weekend.  I went in record time and found this in the clearance section.  I listened to it in the store and decided to go for it.  I really like it now that I’ve had a chance to listen to it for a while.  I’m am usually skeptical of female fronted rock bands, but I have to say these guys (and girl 😉 ) are one of the best I’ve heard so far; and the best I’ve heard in their genre I think.  It’s very scene hardcore / emo-core but not annoying.  I like the album a lot.  Lyrically they tackle some pretty good issues; the one that sticks out in my mind is the fact that our culture is so obsessed with the self, and so consumer focused. (Track: “Right before you Disappear”)  Some pretty good writing lyrically as well, sighting the same song as an example, check out some of the lyrics:

“Prioritize the purchases
Fist clench the receipts that
Keep you accountable
That make your life make sense, to make cents
I have this so I am this”

I have to say, I picked a pretty good one for never having heard these guys before.  Well worth it.

Genre: Scene / Hardcore / Emo-core
Christian or Secular?: Christian
1. Celebrate the Static
2. Wardrobe Full of Fiction
3. Do You Think Dallas Is Still in the Slammer
4. I’ll Be Back on Sunday
5. November 5th
6. Wire Tap Out
7. Broken Thoughts of Praise
8. Interlude
9. Right Before You Disappear
10. Start the End Again
11. 300 Voices at Liberty Hall

Price Paid: $2

“45 Days” – Demon Hunter

This is a new 2 DVD 1 CD box-set from one of my favorite metal bands; Demon Hunter.  The first DVD is a film about Demon Hunter; it’s an artistic documentary about them touring and their fans and such.  It’s really cool.  The second DVD is a live concert and the CD is the original music from the film.  A good set all in all, recommended for the serious Demon Hunter fan.

Genre: Metal
Christian or Secular?: Christian
CD Track-listing:

  1. “Closing In” – 2:21
  2. “Turn Loose the Hounds” – 4:08
  3. “Ours Alone” – 6:35
  4. “The Deep” – 2:00
  5. “Dust and Smoke” – 3:21
  6. “Purified In The Storm” – 7:03
  7. “The Scars We Don’t See” 2:48
  8. “Perseverance” 7:23
  9. “Fading Away (Acoustic Version)” – 4:18
  10. “Carry Me Down (Piano Version)” – 4:35

Price Paid: $28.99

“Dial M” – Starflyer 59


Jason Martin never dissapoints.  Seriously, I know i’ve said it before but it’s true.  His newest release, “Dial M,” has been well worth the wait since “My Island” which I got a couple years ago.  There is not a single song on Dial M that is bad.  Jason’s sound continues to evolve and it seems that everything he puts his hand to turns to gold.  This album takes a somewhat new direction but still delivers a great sound.  It’s a very hard to describe sound, but trust me, it’s good…  If you’ve never given Starflyer 59 a listen before, this would not be a bad album to start with as long as you understand that no two sf59 albums are alike.  Give it a try, seriously.  You can get a taste of the sound over at his myspace.  Then buy the album.

Genre: Indie Rock
Christian or Secular?: Christian

  1. “Minor Keys”
  2. “The Brightest Of The Head”
  3. “Concentrate”
  4. “Who Said It’s Easy?”
  5. “M23”
  6. “Taxi”
  7. “Automatic”
  8. “Altercation”
  9. “Mr. Martin”
  10. “I Love You Like The Little Bird”

Price Paid: $10 (I think, I can’t quite remember, I bought it new at Record Time thankgiving weekend.)

So their you have it, a few more of my final aquisitions of 2008, if i think of anymore i’ll be sure to post them…


Ep. 7 – Remote Control Planes – June 23rd, 2008

I did some work for my grandmother this morning and she gave me some money so i decided to check out “Blast in the Past” again.  Once again upon walking in my ears were assaulted by the inane conversation of the store owner and his ded-head friends.  This time, i almost laughed aloud at their conversation.  They were having an in-depth, heated conversation about how 911 was a conspiracy… oh man!  They complained about all the people that said “I am so glad Al Gore wasn’t president when the planes hit” and they proceeded to explain their own theories on what “really went down.”  According to the owner, George W. Bush is actually responsible for 911, not only that but he was at the controls.  They claimed the planes were remote-controlled?!?!  How ridiculous!  Then they went on to claim that all the people that supposedly died on the plans were actually all targeted by the government and taken out ahead of time.  They brought many other ridiculous “points” that i just can’t seem to remember… i don’t know what kind of stuff these guys used to smoke (or still do) but whatever it was, it messed them up.  It is quite entertaining to listen to them though…  and by the way, they seem like good people, they just have some wacky ideas.

Ok, on to today’s finds:

“[A–>B] Life – Mewithoutyou”

I actually came across this one on my last visit but i passed it up.   When i got home i listened to my burned copy and i realized i had made a terrible mistake!  I actually tried to go pick this one up Sunday before work but only when i got to the door of BitP did i realize they were not open on Sundays.  So today i made sure to grab it.  Mewithoutyou has been one of my favorite bands for awhile now.  I first got into them early in high school…  i found a few of their songs on the Internet and i got really into them.  Then they released their second album, “Catch for Us the Foxes” and my drama team leader from my youth group, Emily, burned me both their albums.  I have loved mewithoutyou ever since.  I remember blaring the song “Gentlemen” in my room at my old house and screaming/yelling along because i could actually do a decent job at imitating Aaron Weiss’s interesting vocal style (at least i though i could, who knows 😉 )  If you have never listened to mewithoutyou then i suggest trying them out, they have a very interesting style…  It’s like hard rock with some ambient-rock thrown in, a little shoegazer, and little yelling, a harp, some metaphors… they are an experiment that at many times is just beyond words.  Give them a try, but if you do, i recommend either their second release, “Catch for Us the Foxes” or their third release “Brother, Sister” first.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great album, but they have matured since this album and they keep making better and better music!  Price Paid: $9.50 (not particularly cheap, but worth it)

“The Light in Guinevere’s Garden” – East West

I downloaded this album awhile back with a couple of their other releases and of them all i liked this one the most.  They have a really good sound, kind of like a christian version of Korn, but not exactly…  I saw this one ever time I’ve been in BitP but i kept passing it up because it was priced a little high… it was sealed though…  I decided it was worth it today, I’ve been getting a lot of tips at work lately…  Price Paid: $12.50

I actually had a little more cash left over and some extra time before work so i decided to head over to record time since i hadn’t been there in a little while, i thought they might have gotten some new stuff in… they had, and i was lucky to find the best find of today:

“Summer of Darkness” – Demon Hunter

I have been a fan of Demon Hunter since they released their self-titled debut album.  They are a christian heavy metal band, and they are really good!  I didn’t buy one of their albums until they re-released their third album last year with a DVD.  That DVD/Album made me love the band even more, the DVD showed me just how cool the guys in the band are!  They are really outspoken about their Christianity and not at all ashamed of it, and that’s really cool!!!  When they released their forth album this year, it was actually one of the first albums i resisted the urge to download and waited until i could afford to buy it legally.  Ruckus helped.  Now i own three of their four releases, all i have to do is find their self-titled album now!  Price Paid: $4! (makes up for the other expensive ones today)

“Leave Here a Stranger” – Starflyer 59

I haven’t had much exposure to this record, but it is Starflyer 59 so i trust it’s good (it has to be since it’s not “the fashion focus” 😉 )  It is on the hunt-list because i did have a few tracks off it downloaded but never found the whole album.  I’ve actually known this was at Record Time since the first time i went there but have passed it up every time since i hadn’t heard it before.  I gave it a listen today and decided to shell out the cash for one more album today…  Price Paid: $8

All in all a good day of hunting.  See ya next time!

P.S. I pre-ordered Brave Saint Saturn’s new album today, their store is up — you can order it too, right here!