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Ep. 38 – Last trip of the year – Dec. 30th, 2008

I had some freetime and a little cash so i decided to see if there was anything new at good ol’ Record Time.  I found a few things that were pretty cool, and one i’m not quite sure about yet.

“Pedal to the Metal (Advance/Promo)” – Blessed By a Broken Heart


I found these guys on myspace in highschool and downloaded a few of their free tracks back then.  Listened to a couple of them pretty regularly for a while but never really considered myself a real fan of the band.  A few months ago i heard they were coming out with a new CD and i read a review of it.  Then today i was browsing the metal section and i ran across this…  I chuckled to myself as i picked up the CD.  I decided to give it a listen and it actually wasn’t that bad.  They are a band that really wishes it was still the 80’s, i mean, just look at the album cover.  But even though it is some crazy new kind of hair metal, it rocks pretty hard with just a dash of the ridiculous.  Not a bad find.


1. Intro (1:57)
2. She Wolf (4:49)
3. Show Me What You Got (4:07)
4. Move Your Body (3:29)
5. She’s Dangerous (3:50)
6. To Be Young (3:58)
7. Doing It (3:33)
8. Blood On Your Hands (4:41)
9. Don’t Stop (3:35)
10. Carry On (4:27)
11. Ride Into The Night (3:50)

Price Paid: $3

“The Blueprint Dives” – Extol


I have been looking for this album for a long time.  This is one of the few true goth-metal type bands that i like,and really only the sound of this album really does it for me.  In this album they began to incorporate more singing and it’s really beautiful.  I was on my way out of the store today when i glanced at the metal rack and this was right in the front.  I was pretty shocked and i laughed and grabbed it.  The album is pretty masterfully done.  Hard to put into words but it’s a really good Scandinavian metal album.


1. Gloriana
2. Soul Deprived
3. In Reversal
4. Pearl
5. From The Everyday Mountain Top
6. Another Adam’s Escape
7. The Things I Found
8. Lost In Dismay
9. Essence
10. Void
11. The Death Sedative
12. Riding For A Fall

Price Paid: $6

“The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole” – Trenches


Jimmy Ryan (ex Haste the Day) has a new project called Trenches.  I got the album today to check it out… not sure how i feel about it yet.  Once i give it some time i will update this blog with a review.

Price Paid: 13.99

Well that’s it for now, i am still working on getting you guys completely back up to speed.  I’m getting there slowly.  Well, probably won’t post again this year so, have a good new year!  See ya in ’09!


Ep. 37 – New This Semester (part 1) – 16 December, 2008

So as you loyal readers know, I’ve had a very busy semester.  18 credits is quite a load.  That doesn’t leave much time for things like work, or updating blogs.  That resulting in a few things; it reduced the rate at which i could acquire new music due to lack of funds, and it prevented me from keeping this sight updated well.  I did buy a good number of CD’s over this semester, but by now i might not remember in exactly what order i got them, so i will just review them as i think of them and get you guys back up to speed.  I will review a few today and a few more at later dates until i get you guys caught up.

“Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat” – The Juliana Theory


I was in Record Time around a month or two ago during one of my brief trips back home this semester and i stumbled across this album on the clearance rack.  I had never heard a song off this album and the only previous experience i had with the Juliana Theory was their album “Love” which, as i wrote before, grew on me over time.  I thought i would give it a listen before buying it and after hearing only the first track i decided it’d be worth it.  Now I’ve had considerable time to listen to this album and i have to say it is amazing!  I really like “Love” but frankly, this album is a cut above their previous work.  The subject matter is a bit darker, fittingly it follows the album “Love” with subject matter of things that are post-love like regret, break-ups etc.  The music is just a bit more abrasive to fit with the slightly jaded lyrics but it really pulls you in!   So many of the songs are so catchy you just can’t help singing along with them, especially “Leave like a Ghost (Drive Away)” which is my favorite track on the album.  All in all, this is a solid release that leaves you hungry for more!


01. This Is A Lovesong For The Loveless
02. We Make The Road By Walking
03. Shotgun Serenade
04. Leave Like A Ghost (Drive Away)
05. My Heart Is A Soldier
06. I Love You To Death ( Drive Safe)
07. This Valentine Ain’t No Saint
08. 10,000 Questions
09. The Final Song
10. French Kiss Off

Price Paid: $3

“Dreamer” – Haste the Day


Haste the Day has always been one of those bands that i’ve really tried to like.  For the longest time i had all of their albums downloaded and i got into one or two of their old songs (like “Long Way Down” in which they sing a lot).  When i heard they were coming out with a new album i went to their myspace site and checked out the new track and i was impressed.  As far as my metal tastes go, i have really moved away from the constant screaming type of stuff.  I still like the energy and intensity of a good scream, but too much just seems to bore me… i need something i can sing along with, i think it’s because i am a singer myself.  That being said, i my honest opinion, “They’re Only Chasing Safety” is the best Underoath album to date, and now Dreamer, the best Haste the Day album.  Their new singer has brought melody into the mix of killer drums and guitar riffs reminiscent of As I Lay Dying.  When i am in the mood to headbang, Dreamer is where i turn at the moment.  The entire album is really well composed, though maybe a bit short.  If you like heavy music, but still enjoy something to sing along with, i suggest giving this a try!


  1. “68” – 3:26
  2. “Mad Man” – 3:33
  3. “Haunting” – 4:01
  4. “Resolve” – 2:54
  5. “An Adult Tree” – 5:10
  6. “Babylon” – 3:29
  7. “Invoke Reform” – 3:03
  8. “Sons Of The Fallen Nation” – 3:20
  9. “Labyrinth” – 2:35
  10. “Porcelain” – 3:28
  11. “Autumn” – 3:02

Price Paid: $13.99

Well, that’s enough for now.  Stay tuned for more updates!