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Ep. 34 – Christianbook.com – Aug 26th, 2008

About a week ago I somehow stumbled across a christian media website called ChristianBook.  While i was on their i noticed that some of the CD’s they had for sale were ridiculously cheap.  I found a few on the list and snapped them up right away.  They came in the mail two days ago!

“Contact” – The Benjamin Gate

This is the first album i had ever hear by the Benjamin Gate.  I downloaded it during my senoir year of high school along with some other albums and it sat on my computer for awhile.  Sometime during my freshman year of college i got bored with the music i had and found this album on my computer.  From the first time i listened to it I loved it!  This album is a perfect album.  There is not one song that i do not like.  I really love the singing; this is one of two rock bands i really follow that have female vocalists.  The sound of the album is a mix of Rock, Pop, and a little bit of Dance.  I recommend giving this album a spin and deciding for yourself if it is your style. 🙂 


1. Lift Me Up (Far Away)
2. This Is Not
3. Calling, The
4. Do What You Say
5. Overkill
6. Need
7. Light
8. Your Kisses Blind Me
9. Tonight
10. Gratitude
11. Way You Are, The
12. Violently
13. Fall Away

Price Paid: $2.99 (plus shipping for all 3 CDs <3.99>)

“Brace Yourself for the Mediocre” – Roper

From the ashes of Five Iron Frenzy, The O.C. Supertones and some other bands, the pop-punk band Roper arose.  Brainchild of Reese Roper, X-FIF Singer, the band released one album before disbanding.  Some don’t like it, but i think that is because they compare it to the supergroups that came before.  This album still features Reese’s zainy lyrical style and his great singing voice.  It is a solid pop-punk album.  Do not expect Five Iron and you won’t be disapointed. 


  1. “Hello Lamewads” – 3:16
  2. “You’re With Stupid” – 2:27
  3. “Amplify” – 3:59
  4. “Vendetta” – 3:47
  5. “Red Eye to Miami” – 2:56
  6. “Quicksilver” – 3:21
  7. “1985” – 3:20
  8. “Say Sayonara” – 3:32
  9. “How Your Halo Fell” – 3:30
  10. “Day of Pigs” – 2:37
  11. “Fireflies” – 3:28
  12. “You’re Still The One” (Shania Twain cover) – 2:57
  13. In Excelsis Deo” – 3:42

Price Paid: $1.99

“Until My Heart Caves In” – Audio Adrenaline

This was Audio Adrenaline’s last full-length before they callled it quits.  They were one of the first bands i ever got into and have been with me since.  For awhile i didn’t really like that style of music, so i kind of forgot about them for awhile.  I downloaded this album when it came out and it reignighted my liking of them.  I saw it for really cheap on that site and decided since i didn’t have to pay any additional shipping that i might as well take advantage of that.  Plus the website gave me an additional 5% off if i added this item to my order. 🙂


  1. “Clap Your Hands” – 3:28
  2. “Until My Heart Caves In” – 3:41
  3. “King” – 5:01
  4. “Melody (Lost Inside the Wonder)” – 4:16
  5. “Starting Over” – 4:04
  6. “Are You Ready for Love” – 3:31
  7. “Undefeated” – 3:36
  8. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher” – 3:36
  9. “Light of the Sun” – 3:46
  10. “All Around Me” – 3:30
  11. “Losing Control” – 4:47

Price Paid: $2.84

Well, that’s all the new albums i have for now.  Might be awhile before my next post, but then again you never know.  I’ll try and post anything intersting that i come across.  Be sure and check out my new Links section up there ^^^^.  Thanks for reading!

Ep. 32 – “Loud and Clear” O.C. Supertones Review – Aug 22, 2008

Two days ago i went to lunch with a friend.  We walked down the street to one of my favorite little sandwich places.  Lunch was great and we had a really good time talking and thinking about the approaching school year and what God was going to do on our campus this year.  On the way home we passed by a christian bookstore and she asked if we could go in because she was looking for a book there.  I casually strolled over to there music section to browse.  I wasn’t really expecting to find anything there, I had been there before and had ever only found one really good CD (although that one CD was a really good find, Buck Enterprises “Live Worship” – Christian Ska band from Detroit playing worship songs… it’s great and it was only like 5$ 🙂 )  Anyway, i wasn’t expecting to find anything but all of a sudden i look down and see a great CD staring me in the face.

“Loud and Clear” – The O.C. Supertones

To tell you the truth when i first heard the Supertones I wasn’t really impressed…  The reason, i believe, is because I wanted them to be another Five Iron Frenzy.  I got really into Five Iron Frenzy sophomore year of high school, downloaded all there albums and loved them all.  I started to wish there were more FIF albums but sadly by then FIF had already called it quits.  So I decided to check out other Christian Ska bands.  I checked out the Supertones and didn’t quite like them…  They weren’t FIF (which now seems like a silly reason not to like a band…)  Another thing i didn’t like about them at the time was their lyrics… i thought they were too preachy…  Now I  know that’s because the music convicted me, i wasn’t really living my life for Christ in those days, I was rather luke-warm and I had little interest in Christian music that talked about God all the time (but i only listened to Christian music – figure that one out… lol)  Now the lyrics are one of the great things about the Supertones and one of the reasons I love them so much!  This album, their fourth release, is one of their best and it included my all time favorite Supertones song; “Jury Duty”.  This song is about how we should praise and thank God even during or crappy days and our bad times.  It is such a great song!  The entire song is great but i’ll share only the first verse with you here:

5 am on tuesday
Why am I up so early
Drive out to santa ana ’cause I’ve got jury duty
No breakfast short tempered
And I cut my head shaving
Ten miles out I hit traffic
Some days just aren’t worth saving

You know I haven’t had the best of days
But I want to stop and thank you anyway

You really should check that song out!  Other great songs on the album include “Pandora’s Box,” “Wilderness,” and “Forward to the Future.”  Really the whole album is great though.  If you love Ska, or just love music that glorifies God and really has something to say, I recommend checking this CD out… it’s a few years old but shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look in the right place.  I probably could have found it for cheaper but it was an impulse buy 😉  Price Paid: $13.99

Yesterday I found yet another great album and i am in the process of soaking it in, so a review for that one is immenant.  Check back soon!

Ep. 31 – Dance Or Die Review – Aug 20th, 2008

Yesterday Family Force 5 released their second full-length album to delight of many.  I rushed to Walmart and was delighted to find that it was actually in stock…  I had to hunt around for it a little bit but i did find a few copies tucked away on one of the shelves.  I have given myself a day to soak it in an am now prepared for a full review, here goes:

“Dance or Die” – Family Force 5

I have been waiting for FF5 to release a new album since their first album came out!  I absolutely fell in love with Soul Glow Activator and his crazy bandmates from the first time i heard the song “Kountry Gentelman.”  Now two years and one re-release later they finally boast new material on a large scale (the re-release featured 3 new tracks).  This album starts off strong with the title track, “Dance or Die”; a groovy 80’s sounding tune that really rocks.  Next, “Get Your Back Off the Wall” comes wailing in with Fuzz-drenched guitars and catchy lyrics, it got stuck in my head several times since yesterday…  It’s one of their “heavier” tracks and one that i really enjoy.  Following that is “Rip it Up” which maintains the fuzzy guitars and heavy synth buts moves the album in a little bit of a funkier direction with some nice drum-work (especially the high-hat-heavy dance rythmn.)  The song also has some great singing on the chorus.  Then the album totally shifts directions for a second; “How in the World” brings the album into a more ethereal vibe.  Waves of digital synth-sounds and electronic beats crash against your eardrums with a surprising pleasantness and pull you out into a deep ocean of sound.  A very full sounding song with very nice singing and lyrics, again it boasts a very 80’s pop sound.  “Fever” re-energizes the listener and shakes all that digital water of ya’ with it bumpin’ beat.  Nice club/dance number, reminiscent of “erfquake” from the first album but with it’s own distinct sound.  Then comes “Party Foul” one my other favorites on this disc.  It’s classic FF5 at it’s best; nice effects on most of the vocals.  This song manages to crack me up and make me feel like rockin’ out at the same time!  Then comes my favorite track on the disc and maybe my favorite FF5 song of all time; “D-I-E 4 Y-O-U.”  By far the “heaviest” track on the album and in my opinion the one with the most energy.  Rocks out through the entirty of the song and even has a metal-esque breakdown.  Then with “Share it With You” the album chills out again.  Kind of goes into a classic hip-hop sounding song and the grooves on through like a low-rida.  “The First Time” keeps it in the same type of musical area except it sounds more punk-rockish… like a punk rock power ballad…  “Wake the Dead” breaks back into a more recognizable sound as FF5 lights up the dance-floor of your mind.  Nice funky guitars and just a groovy all-around feel.  The album closes out with another one of my favorites, “Radiator.”  This song is in the same vein as the previous track but with a little more Rock.  It also boasts a good message in the lyrics… i think…  I interpreted the song as talking about shinning for Christ… but even if that isn’t what it’s about, it’s really good.  In conclusion, “Dance or Die” is a fun-filled romp from dance-floors to mosh-pits and everything inbetween.  I am excited to see what FF5 brings to the table next time.  Remember kids, keep it C-R-U-N-K in the U-S-A!  Price Paid: $9.87

I’ve got some other new CDs that i’m listening to and i should review the shortly… stay tuned.

A Switchfoot Fansite Linked to My Blog!

I was presently surprised by a ton of views over the past few days thanks to the switchfoot fansite http://landofbrokenhearts.org/

Thanks a lot for linking to me, and to all of you who have found your way here from that site i hope you stick around and read some more of my posts.  Especially check out the tab up top that say “My Mission” to find out why i started this Blog.

Also to my regular readers:

Since the rate at which i can obtain music has slowed I am going to try and write more about each album i post about.  It will probably start to resemble more in-depth reviews of the albums plus whatever else i have to say about them such as what in my life they remind me of, etc.  Look forward to some more in-depth stuff up here soon…  I got a new album today but I’m going to thoroughly listen to it before i review it.  Get ready, it’s coming soon!  Thanks all you readers!

Ep. 28 – Last trip to Record Time (most likely) – Aug 11th, 2008

Today was most likely my last trip to Record Time for awhile.  I am going back to school and there are no record stores closeby so my hunt will take different forms…  I was able to find a couple really good albums though for my last visit:

“Oh Gravity” – Switchfoot”

This summer has almost completely changed my opinion of Switchfoot.  I used to really not like Switchfoot, i thought they were over played and not very good.  My only exposure to them was “The Beautiful Letdown.”

Earlier this summer i got really into Jon Foreman’s solo stuff, beautiful acoustic folk music…  I was then surprised to learn that Jon Foreman was the lead singer/songwriter of switchfoot.

I then saw a copy of “New Way to Be Human,” Switchfoot’s 1999 release, at Record Time and decided to pick it up… i liked it, and it was frequently in my CD player this summer…  I have to say i have come to like Switchfoot…

I found this album today and picked it up without much thought.  I’ve already listened to it a few times today and i have to say it is really, really good!  Price Paid: $6

“The Crane Wife” – The Decemberists

The Decemberists are really cool.  Hard to describe but really awesome Indie/Folk Rock.  My friend and soon-to-be-roomate introduced them to me.  Try them out!  Price Paid: $8

That was it for today, i’m pretty happy with what i found.  Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment! 🙂

Ep. 27 – Echoing Bean – Aug 10th, 2008

So when i went to Joe’s yesterday I actually got so excited about the Denison Marrs CD i found that i forgot to get one of the albums i went there to get.  I went back and got it today.

“Well Adjusted” – Beanbag

Lame band name.  Good sound.  Very original and hard to describe but very cool.  Price Paid: $6

Then i noticed another album and i bought it totally on impulse.

“Supernova” – The Echoing Green

I have only listened to a few tracks so far but i like it so far.  The liner notes say that Micah Ortega, formerly of Five Iron Frenzy, did turntables on this record so that’s pretty cool.  Price Paid: $5

I am probably going to spend a little more on CDs this week then i normally would since i am going to school soon where there aren’t really any record stores… Check back soon!!