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Ep. 40 – First albums of the New Year – Jan 10th, 2009

A couple days ago i went back to record time.  I decided i didn’t really like the Trenches album i had picked up so i sold it back to them at a loss.  I told the guy that i had bought it brand new from them and litteraly played it once.  He was cool about, i lost money, but he gave me 5$ for it which is better than they usually give ya.  So armed with those $5 and a little bit more cash i browsed and found a couple worthwhile albums.

“mmhmm” – Relient K


I’ve been looking for this one for awhile.  I got into this album sophomore year of high school.  It really reminds me of a girl i used to date.  They were her favorite band and i got her the album for her birthday, then i burned a copy of it off of her.  I really ended up liking it, it was a little more mature sounding than Relient K’s previous releases, and after giving it a couple spins it really grew on me.  The album has alot of catchy songs that get stuck in your head — lot of great songs to sing along to.  It’s a must-have for any one who really likes christian pop-punk!

Genre: Pop-Punk

Christian or Secular?: Christian


1. The One I’m Waiting For
2. Be My Escape
3. High of 75
4. I So Hate Consequences
5. The Only Thing Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse Is Betting on One
6. My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend
7. More Than Useless
8. Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet
9. Let It All Out
10. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been
11. Maintain Consciousness
12. This Week the Trend
13. Life After Death & Taxes (Failure II)
14. When I Go Down

Price Paid: ($6 – $5 store credit =) $1

“Love is for the Rich” – Surrogate


I heard about this album about 6 months ago and then kind of forgot about it.  I saw it in record time the last time i was in there and made a mental note of it.  I went home then and ruckus’d the album and low and behold i really dug it :).  So this time i decided to get it.  I’ve given it a fews spins since then and i am quite impressed.  It’s folk-y acoustic music from the lead singer of Number One Gun.  He said he wanted to try something different and i’d say the album came out really good.  Pretty laid back, and really enjoyable.  Give it a try!

Genre: Folk / Emo

Christian or Secular?: Christian


1. Shift the Blame
2. 15
3. Talk of the Weather
4. Photographic Memory
5. Death Penalty
6. Problem Solving
7. Easy
8. Papertrail
9. Fix Another
10. Stay Out of the Sun
11. Upside Down Pictures
12. The Fence

Price Paid: $6

Good start to the New year!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Albums that Stir Up Memories of Past Relationships

I mentioned in my post “A little more about the mission…” that i believe music is closely related to memory.  I was thinking the other day about how certain albums in my collection remind me of past relationships and i thought i would share them with you (within reason, this is the Internet so I’m not gonna get too personal…)

  • 1. Christina —— Albums: Cries of the Past by Underoath and The Changing of Times by Underoath.

Christina was my first girlfriend.  We dated for a few months late freshman year, or perhaps the summer after freshman year.  These two albums in particular bring up memories of that period of my life.

This was a really weird time in my life.  I had just transferred from christian middle school to a public high school.  My closest friends were my friend Tim from my church youth group and my friend Kevin from my old school.  Kevin and his older brother introduced me to underoath and i really got into them and that kind of heavy music at the time.  Then in high school i met my friend Andrew and he downloaded these to underoath albums and burned one for me and i had him burn me a mix for Christina.

  • 2. Jamii —— Album: About a Burning Fire – Blindside

Jamii was my second girlfriend.  We dated from winter to spring of my sophomore year of high school.  During the previous year of high school Blindside had become my favorite band and I anxiously awaited the releases of this album for months, on that day in February when it finally came out i remember Jamii’s Dad driving me and her to Best Buy so that i could get the album.  Later that year i used the song “Eye of the Storm” off this album to make the first video i ever produced myself.  That year of my life was the one that set the course for what i would later choose as a career.  I was in a Mass Media class in which we produced three videos, a commercial, a fake news segment, and a music video.  I used the blindside song as the song for my music video and had my friends Matt, Clare, Tim and Josh act in it for me.  For my first production ever i thought it turned out really good. 🙂  Anyway, that class sparked an interest in me.  The next year i signed up for a class in which we would put on the news for the school everyday via video production.  i took that class for the next two years and i think it was what i enjoyed most about high school.  When i had to try and pick a major for college, TV production sounded great because i would get to do the same stuff i enjoyed in high school for a living, and that’s how i ended up at Ferris State University.

  • 3. Christine (not Christina — this is a different girl, lol.) —— Albums: I am Hollywood by He is Legend and Mmhmm by Relient K

Christine was my third girlfriend and my first semi-serious one.  She was a really sweet girl.  We dated for about 7 months during my junior year of high school.  These two albums remind me of that time because they both have to do with birthdays… hers and mine.  I got her mmhmm by Relient K for her birthday because Relient k was her favorite band at the time.  Then when it came time for my birthday she ordered I am Hollywood of the Internet for me because i couldn’t find it in any stores.

  • 4. Katie —— Albums: Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest by As Cities Burn and How to Live With a Curse by Stavesacre

Katie was my fourth girlfriend but i consider her my first serious girlfriend.  We dated from the summer before my senior year of high school to the fall of my freshman year of college.  There are way to many albums that remind me of that year and three months of my life so i picked two that some things up well (again without getting too personal).  Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest came out that summer and i remember cruising around listening to it with her.  More specifically i remember listening to it as we drove to the place where i then asked her out.  Our youth group (well, my youth group at the time) was remodeling their building so they were having Wednesday night meetings at another church.  i asked her out in front of that church before a meeting one night.  I was kind of a big dork, but she said yes…  That was the beginning of our relationship.  The other album sums up not quite the end of the relationship but the point at which things started to go downhill.  Don’t get me wrong, i loved her until the day we broke up (may a bit longer…) but looking back now i can see where things started to go wrong.

Stavesacre’s album came out in may.  May was ugly in a lot of ways…  The first a can’t share with you but let’s just say that something big happened.  About a week before that happened i was hanging out with Katie and her  dog Echo got really sick.  She had to be put down.  I went with her and her family to the vet and was there with Katie holding Echo’s paw as they put her to sleep.  It was a very sad day and it is even now hard to think about.  I stayed with her as long as i could but she just wanted to spend the night with her family.  I was crushed that i could do nothing to comfort her.  That just happend to be the same day i had gone to Tree of Life, our local christian bookstore, to pick up my special order copy of Stavesacre’s new album.  I remember driving to youth group early, it was a wednesday, and sitting in my car and listening to the album a couple of times and thinking about that crappy day.  I think the music made me feel better…   That is a memory that still rears it’s head every once and awhile when i pop that album into my stereo but thankfully i can still enjoy that album.  It’s bittersweet.

Those are the albums that stir up memories of my past relationships… i hope that the only albums i add to this list will be the ones that remind me of my future wife.  After Katie i realized i had been going about dating kind of the wrong way and i made a commitment before God to take a break from dating until my junior year of college.  Well, that is quickly approaching but i am not going to dive back into the mode of always seeking someone to be my girlfriend.  i am only going to get into a relationship again after a lot of praying and hopefully that girl will be the one i spend the rest of my life with.

Ep. 12 – One Mans Trash… – July, 11, 2008

…is another man’s treasure.  So the saying goes… well over the past few days i proved that true.

I have bought a lot of cds this week.  The first bunch i bought off ebay.  Hey Music Hunter, i thought you said you were going to hunt in stores and stay off the internet?  Yes, i was but i was curious so i checked ebay to see if they had anything rare by my favorite band stavesacre and sure enough they did.  I also found someone who was selling a bunch of cds i liked rfor really checp because they bought them intending to start a store.  I guess that fell through.  That sucks for them but it was good for me.

“Absolutes (Advance)” – Stavesacre

Someone on ebay was selling an advance copy of Stavesacre’s album “Absolutes” and i couldn’t pass that up.  The album was released in 1997 so i bet an advance copy is pretty hard to find.  It’s a really good album and it was on the hunt-list, so it’s a Double Whammy.  Price Paid: $5.98 (including shipping)

“Catch For Us The Foxes” – Mewithoutyou

One of my favorites bands.  This album is dark and ambient, heavy and beautiful.  Perfect experimental post-hardcore.  I really recommend this album, and i think the track “My Exit, Unfair” is my favorite mwy song.  Bought on ebay, new.  Price Paid: $5.79 (including shipping)

“4 Wall Blackmail” – Dead Poetic

Got really into these guys freshman year of high school (maybe a little before that).  This album was really good and i listen to it many, many times.  These guys have remained one of my favorite for years so when i saw this album on ebay brand new for cheap i snapped it up.  Price Paid: $5.99 (including shipping)

“No sir, nihilism is not practical” – Showbread

Their first album and what got me interested in them in the first place.  I think they have matured musically since this release but it is still a good listen.  The voice of Reese Roper (formerly of Five Iron Frenzy) is featured on two tracks on this album.  Found on ebay, new.  Price Paid: $1.04 (including shipping)

I also made a trip to record time today and picked up a few things:

“New Way to be Human” – Switchfoot

i like this sound much better than the newer popular switchfoot.  I noticed it the last time i went to record time and i decided to get it this time. Price Paid: $6

“5 score and 7 years ago” – Relient K

The best release by Relient K in my opinion.  The song Deathbead is to die for (no pun intended).  the whole record is a nice return to Relient K’s christian roots where their waws not much evidence of them in “mmhmm.”  Price Paid: $6

“Fall + Winter” – Jon Foreman

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman’s solo project.  4 ep’s in one year, one each season; these are the first two.  His music is passionate emotional folk.  It’s really well written and a little sad, but for this sad is good.  Give it a listen even if you don’t like switchfoot.  I liked it and at first i didn’t even realize who Jon foreman was.  Price Paid: $13.99

Also, today i was driving around and i stopped at an estate sale to see if they had a record player for sale.  Turns out they did.  It was stuck in some back room, still plugged in with cords running behind cabinets and such.  I helped them dig it out and talk them down to $20.  So i got me a record player today! 🙂

Ep. 9 – Swing and a Miss – June 30th, 2008

So i haven’t been hunting in a little while because i had to work a lot of day shifts the end of last week and the beginning of this week i was up north.  After spending some time up north i drove over to Big Rapids, where i am now, to hang out at school with friends for a little while.  While in BR i decided to stop by a pawn shop in town that i knew had some cds.  They had a pretty good deal going.  All cds were $4 or 5 for $15.  There was only one problem: all they had was crap!  Piles upon piles of Nsync, Backstreet Boys and Brittney Spears… i’m not kidding that is like all they had.  I found one tooth and nail sampler cd but i already had all the albums any of the songs were off of.  The only thing i found that was mildly good was the apathetic ep by Relient K.  I didn’t get it though because i’m only a little into Relient K.  So for the first time, i left a store empty handed and have nothing to show for my hunt… but that’s what i get or going to a pawn shop in a town like BR…