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Ep. 37 – New This Semester (part 1) – 16 December, 2008

So as you loyal readers know, I’ve had a very busy semester.  18 credits is quite a load.  That doesn’t leave much time for things like work, or updating blogs.  That resulting in a few things; it reduced the rate at which i could acquire new music due to lack of funds, and it prevented me from keeping this sight updated well.  I did buy a good number of CD’s over this semester, but by now i might not remember in exactly what order i got them, so i will just review them as i think of them and get you guys back up to speed.  I will review a few today and a few more at later dates until i get you guys caught up.

“Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat” – The Juliana Theory


I was in Record Time around a month or two ago during one of my brief trips back home this semester and i stumbled across this album on the clearance rack.  I had never heard a song off this album and the only previous experience i had with the Juliana Theory was their album “Love” which, as i wrote before, grew on me over time.  I thought i would give it a listen before buying it and after hearing only the first track i decided it’d be worth it.  Now I’ve had considerable time to listen to this album and i have to say it is amazing!  I really like “Love” but frankly, this album is a cut above their previous work.  The subject matter is a bit darker, fittingly it follows the album “Love” with subject matter of things that are post-love like regret, break-ups etc.  The music is just a bit more abrasive to fit with the slightly jaded lyrics but it really pulls you in!   So many of the songs are so catchy you just can’t help singing along with them, especially “Leave like a Ghost (Drive Away)” which is my favorite track on the album.  All in all, this is a solid release that leaves you hungry for more!


01. This Is A Lovesong For The Loveless
02. We Make The Road By Walking
03. Shotgun Serenade
04. Leave Like A Ghost (Drive Away)
05. My Heart Is A Soldier
06. I Love You To Death ( Drive Safe)
07. This Valentine Ain’t No Saint
08. 10,000 Questions
09. The Final Song
10. French Kiss Off

Price Paid: $3

“Dreamer” – Haste the Day


Haste the Day has always been one of those bands that i’ve really tried to like.  For the longest time i had all of their albums downloaded and i got into one or two of their old songs (like “Long Way Down” in which they sing a lot).  When i heard they were coming out with a new album i went to their myspace site and checked out the new track and i was impressed.  As far as my metal tastes go, i have really moved away from the constant screaming type of stuff.  I still like the energy and intensity of a good scream, but too much just seems to bore me… i need something i can sing along with, i think it’s because i am a singer myself.  That being said, i my honest opinion, “They’re Only Chasing Safety” is the best Underoath album to date, and now Dreamer, the best Haste the Day album.  Their new singer has brought melody into the mix of killer drums and guitar riffs reminiscent of As I Lay Dying.  When i am in the mood to headbang, Dreamer is where i turn at the moment.  The entire album is really well composed, though maybe a bit short.  If you like heavy music, but still enjoy something to sing along with, i suggest giving this a try!


  1. “68” – 3:26
  2. “Mad Man” – 3:33
  3. “Haunting” – 4:01
  4. “Resolve” – 2:54
  5. “An Adult Tree” – 5:10
  6. “Babylon” – 3:29
  7. “Invoke Reform” – 3:03
  8. “Sons Of The Fallen Nation” – 3:20
  9. “Labyrinth” – 2:35
  10. “Porcelain” – 3:28
  11. “Autumn” – 3:02

Price Paid: $13.99

Well, that’s enough for now.  Stay tuned for more updates!


Imeem.com and Underoath

So i have finally started to like Underoath’s last release “Define the Great Line.” I’ve had it for a long time and considered it a disappointment… now i’m almost leaning towards getting the newest album they just released this month called “Lost in the Sound of Seperation.” Well, i found a nice way to listen to the entire album online so i can see if i want to. Check it out:


Just go to imeem.com to find other music. 🙂

I’ll let you know when i come to a decision.

Albums that Stir Up Memories of Past Relationships

I mentioned in my post “A little more about the mission…” that i believe music is closely related to memory.  I was thinking the other day about how certain albums in my collection remind me of past relationships and i thought i would share them with you (within reason, this is the Internet so I’m not gonna get too personal…)

  • 1. Christina —— Albums: Cries of the Past by Underoath and The Changing of Times by Underoath.

Christina was my first girlfriend.  We dated for a few months late freshman year, or perhaps the summer after freshman year.  These two albums in particular bring up memories of that period of my life.

This was a really weird time in my life.  I had just transferred from christian middle school to a public high school.  My closest friends were my friend Tim from my church youth group and my friend Kevin from my old school.  Kevin and his older brother introduced me to underoath and i really got into them and that kind of heavy music at the time.  Then in high school i met my friend Andrew and he downloaded these to underoath albums and burned one for me and i had him burn me a mix for Christina.

  • 2. Jamii —— Album: About a Burning Fire – Blindside

Jamii was my second girlfriend.  We dated from winter to spring of my sophomore year of high school.  During the previous year of high school Blindside had become my favorite band and I anxiously awaited the releases of this album for months, on that day in February when it finally came out i remember Jamii’s Dad driving me and her to Best Buy so that i could get the album.  Later that year i used the song “Eye of the Storm” off this album to make the first video i ever produced myself.  That year of my life was the one that set the course for what i would later choose as a career.  I was in a Mass Media class in which we produced three videos, a commercial, a fake news segment, and a music video.  I used the blindside song as the song for my music video and had my friends Matt, Clare, Tim and Josh act in it for me.  For my first production ever i thought it turned out really good. 🙂  Anyway, that class sparked an interest in me.  The next year i signed up for a class in which we would put on the news for the school everyday via video production.  i took that class for the next two years and i think it was what i enjoyed most about high school.  When i had to try and pick a major for college, TV production sounded great because i would get to do the same stuff i enjoyed in high school for a living, and that’s how i ended up at Ferris State University.

  • 3. Christine (not Christina — this is a different girl, lol.) —— Albums: I am Hollywood by He is Legend and Mmhmm by Relient K

Christine was my third girlfriend and my first semi-serious one.  She was a really sweet girl.  We dated for about 7 months during my junior year of high school.  These two albums remind me of that time because they both have to do with birthdays… hers and mine.  I got her mmhmm by Relient K for her birthday because Relient k was her favorite band at the time.  Then when it came time for my birthday she ordered I am Hollywood of the Internet for me because i couldn’t find it in any stores.

  • 4. Katie —— Albums: Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest by As Cities Burn and How to Live With a Curse by Stavesacre

Katie was my fourth girlfriend but i consider her my first serious girlfriend.  We dated from the summer before my senior year of high school to the fall of my freshman year of college.  There are way to many albums that remind me of that year and three months of my life so i picked two that some things up well (again without getting too personal).  Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest came out that summer and i remember cruising around listening to it with her.  More specifically i remember listening to it as we drove to the place where i then asked her out.  Our youth group (well, my youth group at the time) was remodeling their building so they were having Wednesday night meetings at another church.  i asked her out in front of that church before a meeting one night.  I was kind of a big dork, but she said yes…  That was the beginning of our relationship.  The other album sums up not quite the end of the relationship but the point at which things started to go downhill.  Don’t get me wrong, i loved her until the day we broke up (may a bit longer…) but looking back now i can see where things started to go wrong.

Stavesacre’s album came out in may.  May was ugly in a lot of ways…  The first a can’t share with you but let’s just say that something big happened.  About a week before that happened i was hanging out with Katie and her  dog Echo got really sick.  She had to be put down.  I went with her and her family to the vet and was there with Katie holding Echo’s paw as they put her to sleep.  It was a very sad day and it is even now hard to think about.  I stayed with her as long as i could but she just wanted to spend the night with her family.  I was crushed that i could do nothing to comfort her.  That just happend to be the same day i had gone to Tree of Life, our local christian bookstore, to pick up my special order copy of Stavesacre’s new album.  I remember driving to youth group early, it was a wednesday, and sitting in my car and listening to the album a couple of times and thinking about that crappy day.  I think the music made me feel better…   That is a memory that still rears it’s head every once and awhile when i pop that album into my stereo but thankfully i can still enjoy that album.  It’s bittersweet.

Those are the albums that stir up memories of my past relationships… i hope that the only albums i add to this list will be the ones that remind me of my future wife.  After Katie i realized i had been going about dating kind of the wrong way and i made a commitment before God to take a break from dating until my junior year of college.  Well, that is quickly approaching but i am not going to dive back into the mode of always seeking someone to be my girlfriend.  i am only going to get into a relationship again after a lot of praying and hopefully that girl will be the one i spend the rest of my life with.

Ep. 17 – Rock-a-billy’s – July 24th, 2008

I was hanging out with David-Chad today and he knew of a used CD store in Macomb called Rock-a-billy’s.  We went and checked it out and i found some good stuff.  It was not a very big place but they had a lot of god stuff in their, especially on vinyl.  I saw the Beatles White album!  It was $55 though…  But there were some good ones that i could actually afford. 🙂

“Southern Weather” – The Almost

This is a superb album.  This is Aaron Gillespie’s solo project.  Aaron is the drummer and back-up vocalist for Underoath.  On this record he does everything; the songwriting, guitar, drums, bass and vocals with a little help from a few friends (surprisingly one other named Aaron [Sprinkle that is])  I flat out love this album and think it’s better than anything Underoath has put out.  But that’s just me (and frankly all my favorite Underoath album are ones that Aaron sings a lot on.  Price Paid: $7.99

“October” – U2

U2’s second album on vinyl in great condition!  I was flabbergast!  Price Paid: $6.99

“The Unforgettable Fire” – U2

Another great U2 album on Vinyl.  So excited!  Price Paid: $6.99

One other cool thing was when the guy rung me up he gave me a free pack of U2 buttons!  He said they were a promotion given out with any U2 cd to promote the remasters they are releasing at the end of July.  He gave him to me with the two vinyls anyway which was awesome!  If you live near there i suggest checking out Rock-a-Billy’s, i saw a lot of hard to find Vinyls.

Ep. 16 – Haggling is Fun – July 22nd, 2008


Since i had so much money left after hunting yesterday i went out again today.  I went to Rcord Time first, picked up a couple good things.

“Survive, Kaleidoscope” – Underoath

I picked this up because it is a live DVD and CD and they play a couple songs off of “They’re Only Chasing Safety” which is an album i love by Underoath.  I’m not crazy about their new one, Define the Great Line.  I’m hoping this DVD / CD combo will help a few of those new songs rub off on me…  either way i get to see Aaron Gillespie rock out by drumming and singing at the same time (he does both extremely well, even at the same time!!)  Price Paid: $8

“Masque” – Kansas

This is one of my other favorite Kansas albums.  A little less well known but on par with their two biggest hits which i already own.  They had this on Vinyl at Record Time and i didn’t know when I’d get the chance again so i picked it up.  Price Paid: $3


“In-a-gadda-da-vida” – Iron Butterfly

Haha.  This song/album pretty much sums up my last two years of high school.  It was the theme song for me and band of wacky friends.  I first heard this song through my friend George Lutz III.  He had this big ol’ conversion van that me and my friends would always pile into when we wanted to spend the night having fun.  He would always play crazy music from “Rock Me Amedeus” by Falco to “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton.  He played this 17 minute classic many times at full volume, cruising down gratiot or down harper yelling at old ladies, or just before entering Meijer to kill some time by pretending one of us was blind… those were the days.  Last years my band even covered this song as an omage to Mr. Lutz.  It was in the new arrivals at Record Time, on Vinyl… how could i say no?  Price Paid: $2

That was all I picked up at Record Time today.  I decided to go by Hot Hits for a second time to pick up a couple albums i remembered seeing there but didn’t feel like getting at the time.  I picked them off the shelf and took a look at the disks and they were actually scratched up… they were probably still playable but Hot Hits is a little pricey and i didn’t want to overpay for scratched up CDs.  I decided to try and haggle with the guy a little.  I showed him the scratches and said i’d give him $5 a peice for them.  He look and the disks and saw that they ideed were scratched and he apologized.  He then took them and said he would clean them for me.  He put some wondex on them and buffed them with what looked like a table grinder with cloth on the rotars.  He gently held the disk up to the spinning cloth covered wheel and slowly rotated the cd with his fingers.  It worked like a charm.  He got rid of almost all of the scratches on both CDs!  But that’s not even the best part… he gave them to me for the price i named!  I got them both for $10 plus tax. 🙂

“The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones” – The O.C. Supertones

First release by one of the two great christian ska bands.  Solid album, no hiding the christianity which is great.  The lyrics are straight forward and glorify God.  A little rough sounding considering it is their first release but the listener is willing to forgive the roughness because it is expected with this kind of genre.  Price Paid: $5.30

“Chase the Sun” – The O.C. Supertones

This is the album the Supertones released 3 years after their debut album.  It sounds a bit more polished, a bit more professional and it flat out rocks.  So many good songs.  I love the song “in between” i which the chorus claims:

 “What I am is in between what i want to be and who I am”

I love this!  He talking about the struggle of following Jesus and how we strive to be perfect but never reach perfection.  Even the Apostale Paul spoke of this struggle in the book of Romans.  I really identify with it, i’m a work in progress.  Highly recommended album, check it out!  Price Paid: $5.30


I was quite amazed that my attempt to haggle actually worked but i’m sure glad it did.  It made today a very productive day of hunting! 🙂