The Hunt-List

So i’ve mentioned before a “hunt-list.” This is a list of some (not all) the albums i am looking for. If this is your first time reading this blog. I am on a mission to find and buy every album i have ever illegally downloaded. I am a college student, and i don’t make much money so i am trying to do it as cheap as i can… and i am trying to avoid just ordering them all off the internet, because that takes all the fun out of it… (but for some of them, i may have t resort to the internet eventually)

Update: i have now added the prices that i have paid for items crossed off the list, format i found them in and condition found in.

So here it is, a rough idea of the “Hunt-List” (alphabetically by artist):


Southern Weather - The Almost $7.99 CD Used
Floating World - Anathallo $12.99 CD New
Frail Words Collapse – As I Lay Dying $5.00 CD Used
Shadows are Security – As I Lay Dying $3.00 CD Used
An Ocean Between Us – As i Lay Dying
Lift – Audio Adrenaline $2.00 CD New
Some Kind of Zombie - Audio Adrenaline $0.00 CD Used


Contact – The Benjamin Gate $6.98 CD New
Blindside – Blindside
Silence – Blindside $5.00 CD New
A Thought Crushed My Mind – Blindside $6.00 CD Used
The Light of Things Hoped For – Brave Saint Saturn $9.50 CD New
So Far From Home – Brace Saint Saturn
Business as Usual – BUCK Enterprises


Adventures in Tokyo – Calibretto 13 $5.00 CD Used
Dead by Dawn – Calibretto 13
From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade – Calibretto 13
The Fires of Life – Cool Hand Luke
Wake Up, O Sleeper - Cool Hand Luke $7.00 CD Used


Four Wall Blackmail – Dead Poetic $5.99 CD New
Disconnection Imminent – Decahedron
Demon Hunter – Demon Hunter
Summer of Darkness – Demon Hunter $4.00 CD Used
Psychology – Discover America $3.00 CD Used
Boogi-root – Dj Maj


The Blueprint Dives - Extol $6.00 CD Used

Kaleidoscope Superior – Earthsuit
The Rise of Modern Simulation – Earthsuit
Hope in Anguish – East West $12.50 CD New
The Light in Guinevere's Garden – East West $12.50 CD New
Vintage – East West $2.00 CD Used 


Business in Front Party in Back – Family Force Five
All the Hype that Money Can Buy – Five Iron Frenzy
Cheeses… – Five Iron Frenzy
Electric Boogaloo – Five Iron Frenzy
Our Newest Album Ever – Five Iron Frenzy
Proof that the Youth are Revolting – Five Iron Frenzy
Quantity is Job 1 – Five Iron Frenzy
Upbeats and Beatdowns – Five Iron Frenzy
Flyleaf – Flyleaf $10.00 CD New
And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea – Frodus
Frodus Conglomerate International – Frodus


Beautiful World – GS Megaphone
Out of my Mind – GS Megaphone


Pressure the Hinges – Haste the Day
91025 – He Is Legend
What You Want Is Now – House of Heroes


Fall – Jon Foreman $13.99 CD New
Winter – Jon Foreman *came with "Fall" ^

The Art and Craft of Popular Music – Joy Electric
Christian Songs – Joy Electric
Hello Mannequin – Joy Electric
Old Wives Tales – Joy Electric
Tick Tock Treasury – Joy Electric $5.00 CD Used
Unelectric – Joy Electric
The White Songbook – Joy Electric
Love – The Julianna Thoery $7.00 CD Used


Last Look – The Kick
Safe From the Losing Fight – Kids in the Way
Black Like Sunday – King’s X
Masque - Kansas $3.00 Vinyl Used
Power – Kansas


Lemonade – Leaderdogs for the Blind
Tales of the Knife – Lucerin Blue $5.00 CD Used 


Live at Stubb’s – Matisyahu
No Place to Be – Matisyahu
Youth – Matisyahu $13.99 CD New 
II – Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
A == B Life – Mewithoutyou $9.50 CD New 
Catch for Us the Foxes – Mewithoutyou $5.79 CD New


Cherub Dust – Namur
Conquer Me – Namur
Lost Senses. More Innocence – Nodes of Ranvier $9.50 CD New
Nodes of Ranvier – Nodes of Ranvier
Nodes of Ranvier – The Years to Come


Loud and Clear - The O.C. Supertones $13.99 CD New 
Chase the Sun - The O.C. Supertones $5.30 CD Used 
Hi-Fi Revival - The O.C. Supertones $6.00 CD Used 
The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones - The O.C. Supertones $5.30 CD Used 


Satelite – P.O.D. $7.00 CD Used 
Philmore – Philmore
Drawing Black Lines – Project 86
Project 86 – Project 86


Brace Yourself for the Mediocre - Roper $1.99 CD New 

Between the Heart and the Synapse – the Receiving End of Sirens
Stadium Arcadium – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Five Score and Seven Years Ago – Relient K $6.00 Used
mmhmm - Relient K $6.00 Used
Caress of Steel – Rush
Fly By Night – Rush
Vapor Trails – Rush


No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical – Showbread $1.04 CD New 
A Chorus of Obliteration – The Showdown
Temptation Come My Way – The Showdown $1.00 CD New *Promo*
Collide – Skillet
Alien Youth – Skillet
A Moment of Imperfect Clarity – Spoken
Of Truth and Reconciliation – Staple
Staple – Staple
Staple (2002) – Staple
Everybody Makes Mistakes – Starflyer 59
Fell in Love at 22 – Starflyer 59
I am the Portuguese Blues – Starflyer 59
Leave Here a Stranger – Starflyer 59 $8.00 CD Used
Old – Starflyer 59
Absolutes – Stavesacre $5.98 CD Used *Promo* 
Bull Takes Fighter EP – Stavesacre
Collective – Stavesacre
Friction – Stavesacre
Live From Deep Ellum EP – Stavesacre
Speakeasy – Stavesacre
(stavz’a’ker) – Stavesacre
Stereomotion – Stereomotion $5.00 CD Used 
of Love and Lunacy – Still Remains


Acoustic Archives – Tourniquet
Carry the Wounded – Tourniquet
Crawl to China – Tourniquet
Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm – Tourniquet
Psycho Surgery – Tourniquet
Stop the Bleeding – Tourniquet
Vanishing Lessons – Tourniquet
Where Moth and Rust Destroy – Tourniquet $12.50 CD New
Plastic Soul Impalement – Training for Utopia
Throwing a Wrench in the American Music Machine – Training for Utopia
The Artist in the Ambulance - Thrice $5.00 CD Used
The Alchemy Index Vol. 3&4: Air & Earth - Thrice $14.99 CD New 


Acts of Depression – Underoath
The Changing of Times – Underoath
Cries of the Past – Underoath
The Joshua Tree - u2 $8.88 CD New 
Achtung Baby - u2 $8.00 CD New
War - u2 $6.50 CD Used, $1.00 Vinyl Used 
Pop - u2 $6.00 CD Used 

Now there are other albums i want, but i either could never find them when i tried to download them, or i found out about them after i committed not to illegally download music anymore. This list is incomplete, and not every album on this list is an album i stole… but truthfully most are. I wish i could personally apologize to all the artists that i stole from, (because that is what downloading is, it’s stealing.) Hopefully through this project i can make things right and finally give all these artists the credit they deserve.


6 responses to “The Hunt-List

  1. Man, I totally love what you’re doing. I’m subscribed. I love your blog.

  2. Thanks man, i’m glad to see that someone is actually reading! It’s encouraging that you think the concept is cool… i thought it was and plus it’s a lot of fun! If you know anyone who would enjoy reading my blog you should tell them! 😉 Anyway man, thanks again, hope to hear from you again!

  3. Heck yes, I’ll tell ’em!

    And do check out my blog as well. 🙂

    Take care bro!

  4. What you’re doing is awesome. About a year ago I also decided to delete all the music I ever downloaded and buy everything I listen to from there on out. Keep it up man!

  5. thanks dude. Glad to see someone else doing the same. I usually get a lot of negative feedback from people when i tell them what i’m doing. Mostly because the people don’t understand my relationship with Jesus Christ.

  6. hey man,

    if you can get hold of an album by a band called ‘autons’ you wont regret it.

    thats if your up to the challenge (its hard enough here – and i only live about 15 – 20 miles from the band)

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